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MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CATALOGS PROFESSIONAL ENDOSCOPE MEDICAL SOLUTION PROVIDER FUDE TECHNOLOGY GROUP LIMITED(Fude Medical Instrument Limited), a professional medical endoscope manufacturing company with products consisting of video endoscopy system, endoscopy peripheral equipment, endoscopic diagnosis and treatment device etc. Our mission is to take the lead of endoscope technology innovation and push forward the technological progress of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment technology. We will proactively and constantly serve the cause of human and animal health.

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ENDOSCOPE Flexible veterinary video endoscope Specification: 1. White balance 2. Photo resolution: 1280X720 3. Video resolution: 1280X720/30Fps 4. Storage capacity: built-in 500G hard disk 5. Output image resolution: 1920X1080, CMOS camera chip 6. Monitor: 25 inch full HD monitor. 7. Light source: LED light source (CRI: 93%, Illumination: 1000Lm, adjustable), 2 light cable 8. Air pump with 6 shifting gears 9. Built-in medical records management software, and support keyboard and mouse and USB output. 10. It generates reports automatically, and can connect to printer directly. 11. Portable...

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Flexible endoscope Viewing direction Distal End Diameter of Insertion Tube

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Channel Working Length Optical Sensor Accessories: Pressure testers, 02 cleaning brushes, 01 Cleaning set and 01 01 carrying case, 01 Foreign Body forceps: flexible, alligator jaw parts, serrated, Ø = 2.3 mm, L = 230 cm, 01 Biopsy forceps: flexible, oval jaw parts fenestrated, Ø = 2.4 mm, L = 230 cm, 01 Foreign body grasper with hooks : flexible, 3 claws, Ø = 2.4 mm, L = 230 cm 01 Water Bottle 01 Venting Cap FUDE TECHNOLOGY GROUP LIMITED FUDE MEDICAL INSTRUMENT LIMITED No.1, Road 11, Lianhe Village, Luo Town, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, China. Tel: 0086 18773728649 Email:,...

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