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For the moments that matter A parent will never forget the first time they hear their baby’s heart beating. We recognise the importance of these special moments, which is why we have developed products that give outstanding performance when you need it most, every time! Performance for life is at the core of every Sonicaid product. While our products are primarily designed and manufactured to assist in the safe delivery of a new life, absolute care and attention to detail is paramount to ensure that the high levels of performance are consistent throughout the life of the product....

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“Having identified the problems with traditional CTG interpretation, and after dedicating over 35 years' on-going research with the team at Oxford University, I'm delighted to see our analysis increasingly being used worldwide in Huntleigh's products... knowing the benefit this gives in helping babies to enter the world safely & avoiding some of the tragic outcomes we see when CTG interpretation goes wrong." Professor Chris Redman sonicaid Dawes-Redman' CTG Analysis ...your expert eye What Is Dawes-Redman® CTG Analysis? It is a unique software tool which provides a numeric analysis of the...

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Hear the difference Performance when you need it the most The NEW SONICAID Digital Doppler - A new dimension in sound and vision Combining best performance in probe sensitivity, audio clarity and a new visual representation of the fetal heart rate. The colour screen displays provides a BIG NUMBERS view and when required an innovative TRACE CAPTURE view, enabling intermittent auscultation examinations to be electronically documented on our software package, Sonicaid FetalCare 3. 4 FETAL MONITORING RANGE All digital models are rechargeable as standard, and can be supplied complete with a...

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Handheld Dopplers Our range of Digital Handheld Dopplers have been designed specifically to assist clinicians improve outcomes and efficiencies in maternity care - choose the model that suits your needs Improvements help clinicians The BIG NUMBERS mode displays the heart rate in a high contrast colour for optimum visibility, making it easy to see at arm's length, or in water birth environments. The clear backlit display reduces the risk of miss reading the fetal heart rate, especially in dimly lit environments. Its new 2MHz and 3MHz probes provide enhanced Fetal heart detection and audio...

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Stylishly designed not to dominate the bedside, Team 3 offers accurate & clear visual status of the fetus and mother. The range is full of features to provide cost-effective, reliable and accurate fetal/maternal monitoring. Easy to use and intuitive via the icon driven touchscreen, the fetal heart rate can be displayed as "Big numbers" which autoscale for single, twins or triplet monitoring for optimum visibility. • Triplet capable ultrasound monitoring • Dual Fetal Movement markers (manual & automatic) • High performance audio for the most sensitive fetal heart detection • The latest most...

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Transducers High risk fetal monitoring made easy Wide beam technology has resulting in a wider, deeper, uniform beam shape, coupled together with TEAM3’s superb digital Doppler audio, enables Clinicians to quickly and easily locate and maintain contact with the fetal heart beat. Especially advantageous when monitoring high BMI cases. Designed for Comfort and Performance “Didn’t need to use FSE (Fetal Scalp Electrodes) on high BMI women – managed to keep external monitoring” Moira Broadhead, Midwife FETAL MONITORING RANGE “This machine is an excellent addition to any maternity unit, in...

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Wireless Transducers Wireless transducer system, Sonicaid Freedom, offering flexibility in your choice of how to monitor mother and baby. The system consists of wireless fetal heart and contractions transducers and a receiver base system. This gives a more mobile and less restricted experience, enabling mum to assume positions of comfort in early labour. • Freedom from cables • Freedom to move around • Enhanced safety and convenience for waterbirth monitoring Our Waterproof wireless transducers allow the fetus to be continuously monitored while mum is bathing, showering or on the move,...

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£v,^'i'KV'V W~\aJ Rebecca Fetal Surveillance Software Solutions Sonicaid FetalCare 3 is a CTG viewing and archiving system combining live reception and viewing of CTG traces from one or more fetal monitors. Full networking capability allows live traces & stored records to be viewed from one or more locations, including remote access for expert referral, consultation. Sonicaid Centrale has been designed as a flexible operating platform on which a wide range of system configurations and options can be built. The entry level package provides a CTG focussed viewing and archiving system. Fully...

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Software Solutions Archive, Review or Share Complementing the Sonicaid range of Dopplers and fetal monitors, our CTG Viewing & Archiving Software Systems have been developed to provide comprehensive clinical record and incorporate the powerful Dawes-Redman® CTG analysis. Modular software solutions for maximum flexibility and efficiency in the care of mother and baby. Our software is designed to address every type of maternity environment, from simple single user platforms through to fully integrated installations. The platform is a highly scalable system which can increase process...

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Accessories and Consumables Maximising fetal monitoring performance Huntleigh’s medical products are renowned for reliability and superior quality, values which are reflected in our accessory and consumables product range, backed by experience and support from one of the world’s leading healthcare companies. Whatever your needs, Huntleigh will work with you to find the optimum accessories and consumables that are right for your applications, helping you seamlessly manage important fetal monitoring requirements. For the very best value, consumable supply contracts are available in selected...

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