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• CTCAmtyvt Umnuln Fetal archiving without limitation Flexible, intuitive & powerful BE ABLE TO RETRIEVE CTGs and related patient notes instantly. Access to centrally archived data provides a completely integrated approach to antenatal and hospital monitoring. BE ALERTED TO fetal and maternal complications with audible and visual alerts; both are user customisable to fit with local protocols. REDUCE ADMINISTRATION TIME with our fast patient data entry screen, fully customisable to fit with your local practices, allowing more valuable time to be spent caring for the mother. ROBUST ARCHIVING...

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A Scaleable Single Site Solution Sonicaid FetalCare is ideal for use in a doctor’s office, small regional units and antenatal hospital departments. The system supports up to 8 fetal monitors connecting into a single PC workstation, and supports multiple access clients. For larger systems, our Sonicaid Centrale software system provides enhanced capability and labour & delivery support - visit our website or contact your supplier for details. The ideal Solution for your Doctor’s office system Equally at home in Antenatal Hospital & Clinic settings FETALCARE – ANTENATAL FETAL VIEWING &...

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• Available as an optional i & stored traces • The world-renowned "Da CTG interpretation • Now based on a database making it massively more • Includes longitudinal trer analysis parameters • Clearer on-screen result i • Live single CTG trace view • User configurable high rate, low rate & loss of contact alerting • Trace scrolling • Trace annotation tool - choose from predefined drop-down list or free text annotations • CTG annotations include operating mode, date, time • View multiple live traces simultaneously • Interactive - print, annotate & alarm functions still accessible for each...

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archiving system… nalysis Archiving Trend View upgrade for analysis of live • ully automated trace archiving to F patient record • uick & easy trace retrieval for case review, Q training & expert referral e of over 100,000 traces, e robust & powerful • ses industry standard express U SQL database • raphic trend views of G key CTG analysis parameters (feature in the Dawes-Redman CTG Analysis option) • asal rate graph B • TV graph S • etal movement graph F • rovides longitudinal view of key P trends as the pregnancy progresses • owerful pregnancy management tool P …powerful, flexible, easy to...

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CTG Archiving & Reviewing Software For the Doctor's office, clinic or hospital Sonicaid FetalCare is a CTG viewing and archiving system which meets the growing demands for centralised electronic patient records. It combines live reception and viewing of CTG traces from one or more fetal monitors, with a patient database for trace & patient data storage. Full networking capability allows live traces & stored records to be viewed from one or more workstations within the site. What Sonicaid FetalCare delivers: • Interactive, live CTG trace view • Annotate clinical actions, medication, etc....

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“Having identified the problems with traditional CTG interpretation, and after dedicating over 35 years' on-going research with the team at Oxford University, I'm delighted to see our analysis increasingly being used worldwide in Huntleigh's products... knowing the benefit this gives in helping babies to enter the world safely & avoiding some of the tragic outcomes we see when CTG interpretation goes wrong." Professor Chris Redman sonicaid Dawes-Redman CTG Analysis ...your expert eye What Is Dawes-Redman® CTG Analysis? It is a unique software tool which provides a numeric analysis of the...

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As a proud member of the Arjo family, we have been committed to supporting healthcare professionals in improving outcomes and enhancing patient wellbeing since 1979. We do this through our proven solutions for Vascular Assessment & Treatment and Fetal & Patient Monitoring. With innovation and customer satisfaction as our guiding principles, we strive for clinical excellence and improved performance, for life. Manufactured and distributed by Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd. 35 Portmanmoor Road, Cardiff, CF24 5HN, United Kingdom T: +44 (0)29 20485885 sales@huntleigh-diagnostics.co.uk...

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