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sonicaid WITH DAWES-REDMAN® TRACE INTERPRETATION - Identifying and reducing risk throughout pregnancy Team3 reducing risk throughout pregnancy ADVANCED FETAL MONITORING SERIES HUNTLEIGH A MEMBER OF THE ARJO FAMILY

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The NEW SONICAID Team 3 -Fetal monitoring for the next generation Stylishly designed not to dominate the bedside, Team 3 offers accurate & clear visual status of the fetus and mother. The range is full of features to provide cost-effective, reliable and accurate fetal/maternal monitoring. Easy to use and intuitive via the icon driven touchscreen, the fetal heart rate can be displayed as "Big numbers" which auto scale for single, twins or triplet monitoring for optimum visibility. With the widest range of options, Team3 provides excellence in fetal heart rate monitoring with high sensitivity...

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tracebank maternal bloodpressure Integrated Trace interpretation - a unique Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tool The Dawes-Redman® CTG analysis provides an objective, numeric and consistent assessment of the CTG. Exclusive to Huntleigh, the latest version offers an indication of fetal status measured against the latest & largest database of its type, giving far greater reassurance and aiding clinicians’ professional experience to determine the best course of care. A revolutionary approach to risk management in pregnancy Monitoring without limitations Never lose a trace, and maintain...

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Maximise your monitoring potential on high BMIs, twins and triplets in antenatal, transfer and labour & delivery environment Integrated trace night light.

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Widebeam ultrasound technology Widebeam ultrasound technology has resulted in a wider, deeper, uniform beam shape, coupled together with superb digital Doppler audio, enabling clinicians to quickly and easily locate and maintain contact with the fetal heart beat. Especially when monitoring high BMI cases. High BMI Performance Our highest sensitivity ultrasound reduces the need for invasive FECG monitoring. Our transducers offer outstanding performance even on high BMI women with our patented "Locate and Track" technology. "Great performance fetal monitoring, even when used on women with a...

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“Having identified the problems with traditional CTG interpretation, and after dedicating over 35 years' on-going research with the team at Oxford University, I'm delighted to see our analysis increasingly being used worldwide in Huntleigh's products... knowing the benefit this gives in helping babies to enter the world safely & avoiding some of the tragic outcomes we see when CTG interpretation goes wrong." Professor Chris Redman sonicaid Dawes-Redman CTG Analysis ...your expert eye What Is Dawes-Redman® CTG Analysis? It is a unique software tool which provides a numeric analysis of the...

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Software Solutions Archive, Review or Share Complementing the Sonicaid range of Dopplers and fetal monitors, our CTG Viewing & Archiving Software Systems have been developed to provide comprehensive clinical record and incorporate the powerful Dawes-Redman® CTG analysis. Modular software solutions for maximum flexibility and efficiency in the care of mother and baby. Our software is designed to address every type of maternity environment, from simple single user platforms through to fully integrated installations. The platform is a highly scalable system which can increase process...

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• = Supplied as standard • = Available as option *Supplied as standard with 1 x US transducer, order additional transducers for Twins and Triplets configuration. **May incur additional cost depending on type selected. ***OPTION CODES - Order using above codes appended to model number Example: for a TEAM3A with NiBP, Battery and DVI order TEAM3A NBD. * P/G CODE: use P for Philips paper tray use G for GE paper tray. Team3s ordered with P or G code are supplied without paper packs. A Only used for development & future upgrade for clinical use All models supplied complete with gel, latex free...

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