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Enhancing your clinical decision making The demands and dynamics associated with patient wellbeing revolves around being able to make the right decision at the right time, the Smartsigns Compact series of patient monitors rises to these challenges whatever the environment. The Smartsigns Compact 1200 series has been developed to provide caregivers with accurate, dependable measurements in a variety of different formats. Flexible measurements for flexible settings Providing caregivers with an adaptable flexible platform, the base set of measurements include: 3/5 lead ECG, respiration, pulse...

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Department wide standard The demands created by different acuity settings presents healthcare professionals with constant challenges to their resourcing and equipment availability. SMARTSIGNS SC1200 PATIENT MONITOR To stay ahead of these pressures, you can choose from a wide range of standardised monitoring options, for example, for each of your low acuity settings you may decide to configure and adopt a basic set of measurements, similarly, for the medium and high acuity settings you may decide upon the use of intermediate and or advanced set of measurements, all are available from a...

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“Care of the critically ill requires prompt and accurate decision making” The robust design ensures your investment is protected throughout the life of each product. So, whatever the environment, the smartsigns compact rises to these challenges. Future proof your investment with centralised monitoring using a wired LAN connection, up to 64 Compact 1200 monitors can be connected to Central View. Continuous, real time vital sign information is transferred over the hospital network to the workstation where department wide surveillance is accomplished. The bi-directional control between the...

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Up to eight real time vital waveforms supplemented with digital information can be displayed simultaneously on the crystal clear 12.1" display. Whether you prefer to display patient status in this traditional format or alternatively display them as a series of large numbers, using the SC1200 this choice and selection could not be simpler; changing from one format to another is achieved through a single key press operation. Individual profiles can be developed for each of your patient groups matching the monitor's capability with your clinical speciality and environment. Profiles can either...

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Choice of user interfaces simplifies operation Supporting each of the monitoring modalities are a range of advanced features which can be accessed by the user: • Dedicated departmental configurations are available to establish a normalised approach to system settings - General ward, OR, ICU, NICU, and CCU. • Advanced alarm management allows you to customise and prioritise settings according to the presenting conditions. • 120 Hours of trend information allows you to review patient status optimising decision making. • Automatic arrhythmia detection and ST segment measurement are both useful...

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Nellcor OxiMax™ is a trademark of Covidien AG. As a proud member of the Arjo family, we have been committed to supporting healthcare professionals in improving outcomes and enhancing patient wellbeing since 1979. We do this through our proven solutions for Vascular Assessment & Treatment and Fetal & Patient Monitoring. With innovation and customer satisfaction as our guiding principles, we strive for clinical excellence and improved performance, for life. Manufactured and distributed by Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd. 35 Portmanmoor Road, Cardiff, CF24 5HN, United Kingdom T: +44 (0)29 20485885...

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