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The digital picture Acknowledging the benefits associated with central monitoring systems, Central View provides users with a comprehensive set of features which contribute to departmental workflow and productivity. The upgraded Smartsigns Central View central monitoring system provides users with much higher levels of remote patient management, surveillance and integration. Smartsigns integrated monitoring Each installation is capable of synchronising and gathering real time data from up to 64 connected Smartsigns devices. Devices may be spread between different departments or floors, in...

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Flexible choices To suit regional differences and local IT policies, Central View is available in two different packages: Option 1 – Software only • Software and Smartsigns security key. The software is accessed via a secure download link, the customer will source hardware locally. Option 2 – Complete system • Software and hardware comprising high performance PC with solid state hard drive, Central View software pre-installed, 2 x 24” displays, sound bar, keyboard, mouse, laser printer, 64 way network switch, Smartsigns security key and Windows® 10 OS. CENTRAL VIEW – 64 BED CENTRAL MONITORING

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Key features Central View is equipped with the following advanced features: • Up to 64 monitor connection points with bi-directional control • Multi bed and single bed overview • 2 x 24” wide screen displays allows the user to view each of the connected devices simultaneously (multi bed view) • View and re-call up to five days (120 hours) worth of data • Bed to Bed functionality - all connected devices can be accessed from any similar device connected on the same network • Comprehensive report generation for patient management and administration • Real time waveforms • ECG waveforms – 3, 5,...

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Intuitive operation The simple, effective user interface found on each of the Smartsigns monitors is replicated on the workstation; this ensures that consistency and familiarisation is exercised at either end of the system whether you are operating at the work station or alongside the patient. Advanced alarm management, event storage, waveform re-call functionality and report generation improves departmental productivity. Full 24/7 operation and bidirectional communication as well as a bed to bed network functionality enhances the level of integration and control provided by each...

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"Care of the critically ill requires prompt and accurate decision making"! Typical installation includes Primary display • Multi bed overview Secondary display • Real time Comprehensive reporting Multiple real time waveforms or historical data can be re-called and printed in A4 format on the system's laser printer.

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Technical Specification Central View – Software only Central View security key Download link – Central View application and support documentation Central View – Complete System Central View Application pre-installed Mini Desktop PC (running Windows 10 OS), keyboard, mouse LCD Monitor 2 x 24” Laser printer USB cables Network switch (65 way min.) Central View security key Support documentation Protecting your investment Central View has been designed for 24/7 operation and maximum levels of reliability, it operates on a proven Windows® operating system and a solid state hard drive. As a proud...

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