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It allows real time visualisation of waveforms on a PC and stored for reviewing, archiving and printing. Traces can also be transferred from the DMX memory card. DR5 is typically installed as a standalone desktop application although it can be configured to share the database with other DR5 installations. It can also be configured to work with an existing SQL database as part of a 'hub and spoke' network making it ideal for hospitals, clinics and GP practices. DR5 runs on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Applications available in DR5 include: • Upper and lower limb arterial pressure and flow...

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Transfer of Stored Data • Waveforms and sounds stored on the SD card can be transferred, archived and printed. An integral database for storage of patient data and Doppler sound files • Supports multiuser configurations Connects to SQL Express and full SQL database. • Ideal for hospitals, clinics and GP practices. Replays Doppler Sounds • Replays flow separated Doppler sounds with waveforms for confirmation of diagnosis. • Ideal for teaching purposes.

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Single and Multiuser Configurations* DR5 is available in various package options to suit the required configuration and budget. DR5: A Local files database version for one or more users (1 PC licence). Products required: 1 x DR5. Also available in a 5 PC licence version, DR5ML, with non-concurrent access to the database. Note: each user will have to activate DR5 on their user account using the same activation code. The DR5 Files database is stored on PC1. DR5 Enterprise Multiuser DR5EMU: The Multiuser Enterprise version includes all configurations to work with an external SQL database. (5...

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