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sonicaid Fetal Dopplers f Introducing ^ Introducing a new dimension in sound and HUNTLEIGH A MEMBER OF THE ARJO FAMILY

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The Sonicaid Digital Doppler - a new dimension in sound and vision Visual presentation of fetal heart rate (FHR), in numeric and trace views, providing added clinical reassurance With over 40 years’ experience in fetal monitoring our technological innovations have enabled us to develop a new digital platform for our latest Doppler range. This generation of Doppler combines excellence in probe performance with digital signal processing to provide superb digital audio using our unique Dyamic Digital Noise Reduction (DDNR) system. Our latest digital algorithms optimise FHR performance and the...

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A new approach to intermittent auscultation BIG numbers and trace modes Instantly visualise the fetal heart rate and trace Simply switch between BIG numbers and our unique TRACE view. Storage and Playback Store and retrieve FHR traces and sounds for review. Rechargeable Charged via USB socket, providing low running costs and avoiding the need to change batteries. Documentation Archive traces and sounds to our software package providing a record of intermittent auscultation.* Educational Resource Tool Pre-stored files on the SD card can be used to demonstrate obstetric traces (supplied on...

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Hear the difference Performance when you need it the most

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New Range of Digital Handheld Dopplers Choose the model that suits your needs Our NEW range of Digital Handheld Dopplers includes 3 models. All models are rechargeable as standard, and can be supplied complete with a medical grade mains charger and cable. SR2 and SR3 Rate and Trace Display Dopplers with fixed 2MHz or 3MHz waterproof probe models. These high sensitivity handheld Digital Dopplers are intended for general purpose screening of the fetal heart at all stages of pregnancy from as early as 8-10 weeks, right through to labour. The attached probes are waterproof (IPX7) for high...

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Documentation The traditional process of using a handheld Doppler to listen to the fetal heart has relied on hand-written notes to document that this procedure was performed; this being the only evidence that this was done. Today, there is a growing need to document every procedure in a robust, centrally archived, electronic form, as an integral part of a woman’s pregnancy record. Using the USB communication port, this new range of Digital handheld Dopplers can connect to our Sonicaid CTG viewing & archiving software systems, providing robust documentation of the procedure saved directly...

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Audio, Rate and Desktop Dopplers The MD200 desktop solution is ideal for clinicians requiring a larger, mains powered Doppler unit. It provides enhanced fetal heart sounds and displays fetal heart rate. Compatible with the XS range of high sensitivity probes, it can be used with the OP2XS or OP3XS obstetric probes and with the full range of vascular probes for blood flow (audio only). • Mains/rechargeable battery operation • Robust desktop/tabletop design • Probes are conveniently stored within the unit • LCD showing FHR, probe frequency and battery status • Two speakers provide enhanced...

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• Standard a Option * Pending availability of software ** Refer to separate warranty statements *** USD card ordered separately As a proud member of the Arjo family, we have been committed to supporting healthcare professionals in improving outcomes and enhancing patient wellbeing since 1979. We do this through our proven solutions for Vascular Assessment & Treatment and Fetal & Patient Monitoring. With innovation and customer satisfaction as our guiding principles, we strive for clinical excellence and improved performance, for life. Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd. 35 Portmanmoor Road, Cardiff,...

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