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® Re-Sterilisable 8MHz Surgical Doppler Probe Quality control is vitally important in performing surgery, if secondary intervention and re-operation are to be avoided. The Dopplex intraoperative probe can assist in the performance of safe surgery. Using Doppler ultrasound the probes provide immediate evidence of success in vascular reconstructive procedures. By conrming blood ow prior to closing, time and costs of a potential re-operation can be saved. Furthermore the risk of prolonged ischemic time is signicantly reduced. The probe can also be used to locate small vessels in skin ap...

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Why use the dopplex intraoperative probe? INFECTION CONTROL The intraoperative probe can greatly reduce the risk of infection during surgery caused by non sterile products being used within the sterile eld. “ The fully sterilisable probe ensures that high quality Doppler signals can be obtained from vessels without compromising the sterile barrier. ” The intraoperative probe guarantees good infection control by eliminating the need of putting a standard probe into a glove, which brings the Doppler and cable into the sterile eld. “ S. Shiralkar, UK Listening to the quality of the Doppler...

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Where the dopplex intraoperative probe can be used? The intraoperative probe can be used in a wide range of clinical procedures, these include: • Carotid Endarterectomy • Femoro-popliteal bypass • In-situ femoro-distal bypass • Detection of ow in arteriovenous stulae • Coronary artery bypass grafts • Renal and hepatic transplantation • Renal blood ow conrmation post aortic aneurysm repair “ PRE PERI POST • Cosmetic surgery • Skin ap surgery ” Flaps based on perforator arteries are becoming increasingly popular … By using the intraoperative Doppler probe to check the perforator vessels the...

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