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Cryogenic Vials & Cryo Vials-Hwtai - 2

*Made from special polypropylene for storing biological material or cells at temperatures as low as-196°C. (only in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen) "Neutral Vials come without assembled cap top insert "The cap top insert is available in many colors , could be supplied separately packaged with vials or assembled with vials upon demanded. Cap Top Insert is available in many colors for color coding noiisnimBinoo eldiaaoq ot etudiiJnoo Jon seiuane ngiseb bseiriJ IsmsJxe erIT ^i^SE»flWW5» An exclusive Silicone washer inside the cap features a positive seal 11 /4turn thread design for superfast...

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Cryogenic Vials & Cryo Vials-Hwtai - 3

Cryo Vials, Internal Thread With Silicone Washer Seal Cryo vial Storage Boxes for 1 mL and 2 mL Tubes, Polycarbonate ‘Manufactured in Polycarbonate provide ultralow temperature storage from-196”C tol21°C ‘Fitting for storage of Cryo vials from l.OMLto 2.0MLin Liquid Nitrogen or Freezer ‘Alphanumeric grid on lid for easy Identification of samples ‘With Air vents for storage of freezing ‘Covers are keyed to the base to prevent misalignment 9x9Arraybox, with transparent cover and mover able grid *Measurement:130xl30x53mm(LxWxH, mm) lOxlOArraybox, measurement: 130xl30x53mm(LxWxH, mm) PciS&ft...

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