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OXYGEN THERAPY Characteritics Oxygen therapy is a treatment that provides you with extra oxygen,a gas that your body needs to work well.Normally,your lungs absorb oxygen from the air.However,some diseases and conditions can prevent you from getting enough oxygen.Oxygen therapy may help you function better and be more active.Oxygen is supplied in a metal cylinder or other container.It flows through a tube and is delivered to your lungs in one of the following ways: Though a nasal cannula,which consists of two small plastic tubes,or prongs,that are placed in both nostrils. Though a face mask,which fits over your nose and mouth. Though a small tube inserted into your windpipe through the front of your neck. All materials we used in construction of the Oxygen Mask,and the Oxygen Tubing are,soft and smooth surface without sharp edge and object,they have no undesirable effects on the Oxygen/Medication passing through under ordinary conditions of use.Mask Material is hypoallergenic and shall resist ignition and rapid burn. · Available in pediatric and adult sizes. · Model: XS,S, M, X, XL · Individually packaged. · DEHP FREE is available.

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