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4K Micro Camera Brochure - 1

DISCOVER THE NEXT LEVEL THE 4K ULTRA HD MICRO CAMERA Complete and OEM Product » Ultra High Resolution with up to 1600 TV lines » 1/3 inch image sensor » 4K / Full HD simultaneous dual channel output » Various outputs HDMI or 3G/HD-SDI » Excellent color reproducti

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DISCOVER THE NEXT LEVEL THE 4K ULTRA HD MICRO CAMERA GP-UH532 FUNCTIONALITIES Unique Panasonic 3MOS The technology enables accurate color separation of the three primary colors of light (red, green and blue) by utilizing the same technology as professional cameras in broadcasting stations. A specialized sensor allows to process each color in order to gain excellent color reproduction. Realistic 4K ultra high resolution The 4K Ultra HD micro camera provides a 4K resolution of 3840x2160 and a horizotal resolution of 1600TV lines. The camera enables outstanding sharpness, impressively true...

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4K Micro Camera Brochure - 3

GP-UH532 series Compliance with medical safety and EMC standards The Panasonic GP-UH532 series complies with IEC 60601-1* (basic safety and essential performance of medical electrical equipment) and IEC 60601-1-2* (EMC requirements for medical devices). * The registration status as a medical device may vary depending on the country. For further information regarding conformity please contact Panasonic. Main Features »» ser profile function: U Six original profiles (on-board) »» Foot switch »» Freeze function »» Mirror function »» Chemical resistant coating »» 12-axis image adjustment...

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4K Micro Camera Brochure - 4

GP-UH532 Complete Product Components Power supply Power consumption Approx. 40 W (including camera head) Optical system Microprism optical system Image sensor Video output Video format HDMI output HDMI terminal x 2 (for 4K and Full HD) HDMI output Standard illumination Minimum illumination 5 lx (F2.2, GAIN: HIGH, 30% output, screen center) 1600 TV lines at center (when 2160p output) AE, electronic shutter, gain, digital sensitivity, off gain, output signal switch, user profile, white balance, detail, gamma switch, pedestal, DNR, freeze, flip, mirror, status display, white shading correction...

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