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AG-MDR25 and AG-MDC20 - 1

Surgical Image Recording System AG-MDR25 Memory Card Portable Recorder Scheduled for release in May, 2017 AG-MDC20GJ Compact Camera Head (Special Option for the AG-MDR25) Scheduled for release in May, 2017 AG-MDR25 Memory Card Portable Recorder Pictures simulated. AG-MDC20GJ Compact Camera Head AVCHQtm Progressive HDmi m DOLBY AUDIO"

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AG-MDR25 and AG-MDC20 - 2

The New POVCAM Supports Medical Video, Endoscope Images, and IP Networking AG-MDC20GJ Compact Camera Head HDMI OUT Optional Cable (3 m (9.84 ft) /20 m (65.62 ft)) *Please see page 4 for the “Input/Output” of AG-MDR25 Specifications. AG-MDR25 Memory Card Portable Recorder USB 2.0 SDHC/SDXC Memory Card PC * Pictures simulated. Remote Control Streaming Decoder A compact, lightweight, free-style shooting Inheriting the features of the first-generation POVCAM plus the operating ease of a touch panel. High-quality images suitable for surgical recording Featuring an optical 20x zoom lens and...

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AG-MDR25 and AG-MDC20 - 3

Lens Protector (Standard Equipment) Touch Panel LCD (User Button Setting Example) Angle of View Example for 20x Optical Zoom Compact, Lightweight, Free-Style Shooting Inherited from First-Generation POVCAM Compact Camera Head for Flexible Installation • Free style: Compact, lightweight design and remote operation allow the camera to be installed in places and angles where it previously couldn’t, for free-style operation. • Optional cables (3 m (9.84 ft)/20 m (65.62 ft)): Identical to the first-generation POVCAM cables for easy system replacement. • Built-in stereo microphone: For recording...

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AG-MDR25 and AG-MDC20 - 4

• Other image adjustments: Detail, V-detail, Detail coring, Skin tone detail, White balance, Color temperature, Chroma level, Chroma phase, Master pedestal, Gamma, Black gamma, Knee, and NR control • Auto Focus + Custom AF: Auto focus stability can be adjusted to match surgical conditions. Double SD Memory Card Slots (SDXC Memory Card) and Relay Recording Double SD Memory Card Slots (SDXC Memory Card) new| Large-capacity SDXC/SDHC Memory Cards supported. Double SD Memory Card Slots and a Relay Recording function enable two memory cards to be consecutively used. Hot Swapping also makes it...

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AG-MDR25 and AG-MDC20 - 5

AG-MDR25 Specifications General Power: DC 7.28 V (with battery), DC 12 V (with AC adaptor) Power consumption: In standalone condition: 1.1 A (with battery), 0.7 A (with AC adaptor) With the optional AG-MDC20GJ Camera Head: 2.2 A (with battery), 1.4 A (with AC adaptor) Operating temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F) Operating humidity: 10 % to 80 % (no condensation) Dimensions: 100 mm x 53.5 mm x 104 mm (excluding protrusion) (W x H x D) (3-15/16 inches x 2-3/32 inches x 5-1/2 inches) Memory Card Recorder Recording media: SDHC memory card (4 GB to 32 GB) , SDXC memory card (48 GB to...

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AG-MDR25 and AG-MDC20 - 6

Options AG-C20003G 3 m (9.84 ft) SDHC/SDXC Memory Card AG-C20020G 20 m (65.62 ft) Camera Head Option Cable VW-VBD58 (5,800 mAh) Battery Pack AG-B23 Battery Charger Cable Diameter 6.60 mm (9/32 inches) nnn Camera Head Option Cable Dimensions Battery Pack Charge Capacity and Charge Time Please refer to the latest Non-linear Compatibilty Information, Download and Service Information, etc. at the following Panasonic website: AVCHD Progressive and the AVCHD Progressive logo are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation and Panasonic Corporation. The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia...

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