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Industrial Medical Vision - 1

Industrial Medical Vision MICRO CAMERA PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Complete and OEM MICRO CAMERA Systems

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Industrial Medical Vision - 2

Complete SYSTEMS 4K Ultra HD Micro Camera SYSTEM GP-UH532 SERIES SPECIFICATION GP-UH532 Power supply Power consumption Optical system Image sensor HDMI output Video output SDI output Video format The GP-UH532 4K Ultra HD system contains the GP-UH532H camera head as well as the CCU Unit GP-UH532C The 4K Ultra HD micro camera GP-UH532 provides a high resolution of up to 1600 TV lines. The pictures consequently become clearer and include more details. The compact 4K Ultra HD camera head is one of the smallest on the market. The GP-UH532H micro camera head features a 1/3 inch image sensor and...

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Industrial Medical Vision - 3

COMPLETE SYSTEMS The GP-UH332 Full HD system includes the GP-UH332H camera head and the CCU GP-UH332C FULL HD TECHNOLOGY The Full HD micro camera GP-UH332 demonstrates a resolution of up to 1000 TV lines. Therefore, impressively clear images can be achieved. The micro camera head GP-UH332H provides high sensitivity at FH 2000lx. Due to the small size of the 1/3 inch image sensor, the micro camera head can easily be integrated in a variety of segments. With regards to the high color reproduction and the system control, the Full HD micro camera GP-UH332 correlates with the GP-UH532 4K system....

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Industrial Medical Vision - 4

COMPLETE SYSTEMS Video output S-video output RGB/YPbPr Output: HDMI output: SDI output: Video output: S-video output: RGB/YPbPr Output: HDMI output: SDI output: Required illumination: Minimum illumination: S/N: Horizontal resolution: Color bar: Function: External control: FULL 1 JLJThe GP-US932X includes an ultra-compact Full HD 1080p 3MOS remote camera head GP-US932HXE and the CCU Control Unit GP-US932CSXE FULL HD TECHNOLOGY AND MULTI VIDEO FORMATS Besides the 1080p Full HD mode for HDMI, the remote head camera also supports the HD formats 1080i. 1080/25p(sF) and 720p as well as the SD...

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Industrial Medical Vision - 5

COMPLETE MICRO CAMERA SYSTEMS S-video output RGB/YPbPr(Component) HDMI HDSDI The GP-KH232A includes an ultra-compact sized Full HD 1080p 1 MOS remote camera head GP-KH232HA and the CCU Control Unit GP-KH232CUE & GP-KH232CSE HIGH RESOLUTION AND HIGHER SENSITIVITY You simply see more with HD technology. An extraordinary resolution of 900 TV lines, a very good sensitivity and a high speed electronic light control provides clearer images in all sorts of possible ambient light conditions. Especially endoscopical, microscopical and point-of-view applications can benefit from these...

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Industrial Medical Vision - 6


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Industrial Medical Vision - 7

4K Ultra HD OEM MICRO Camera SYSTEM GP-UH532 SERIES SPECIFICATION GP-UH532 Model name GP-UH532HU GP-UH532CB 1/3” progressive color 3MOS C-Mount Internal/External Camera head Control unit Image sensor Lens mount Synchronization Video output HDMI x 2ch (Ultra HD/Full HD) 3G/HD-SDI x 4ch (Ultra HD), 3G/HD-SDI x 1ch (Full HD) The GP-UH532 OEM micro camera contains the smallest 4K Ultra HD camera head GP-UH532HU and CCU Control Unit GP-UH532CB The OEM 4K Ultra HD OEM micro camera system uses 1/3inch progressive color CMOS chips (3MOS). The camera head GP-UH532HU indicates a space-saving design...

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Industrial Medical Vision - 8

3 MOS FULL HD OEM MICRO CAMERA SYSTEMGP-US932 SERIES Video output S-video output RGB/YPbPr output: HDMI output SDI output The GP-US932 OEM micro camera includes an ultra-compact sized Full HD 1080p 3M0S remote camera head GP-US932HUX and the CCU Control Unit GP-US932CBSX SPECIFICATION GP-US932 Camera head Model name „ , . Control unit Video format 3MOS OEM GP-US932 TECHNOLOGY The Panasonic 3MOS OEM micro camera provides fully digitized signal with the capability to utilize a wide variety of functions such three pre-sets including the color temperatures, 2.5x electronic zoom,...

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Industrial Medical Vision - 9

SYSTEM COMPONENTS GP-KH232HUA Remote Head Module ■ 1/3" type MOS with Full HD Pixel ■ Flex cable connector ■ Dimension: 25 x 23 x 19 mm ■ Supports GP-KH232HA/HU/HUA ■ Output: YUV, HDMI, YPbPr, Y/C, Video ■ RS232C (3.3V) remote control ■ Dimension: app. 104 x 139 x 10 mm Gp-Rc100cB recording option • Supports GP-KH232CB & GP-US932CBSX • Trigger input and footswitch connector • USB PIN connector • RJ45 (streaming & web access) GP-KC232 Cable Component ■ Non-assembled raw cable in black or grey ■ 100 m with 5.8 mm diameter ■ Suitable for medical applicati

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Industrial Medical Vision - 10

The system implies the GP-KH132CB control board and GP-KH132HU remote head module. It can be utilized with the GP-RC132 recording board IT COULD NOT BE SMALLER Panasonic has met the demands of countless OEM userwith 1000i - genuine 16.9 high definition for micro cameras. For outstanding sharpness, impressively true colors and flicker free images. OEM CMOS-TECHNOLOGY Thanks to CMOS technology the video signal chain inside the Panasonic OEM HD GP-KH132 micro camera becomes fully digitized. The digital Full HD progressive scan signal is processed with high bandwiths at the control unit of the...

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Industrial Medical Vision - 11

OEM MICRO CAMERA RECORDING SPECIFICATION GP-RC100C Model name Video codec Video encoding / recording RTSP stream X Capture Full HD Video signal from Panasonic CCU board (KH232/US932) and encode with H.264/JPEG compression. Encoded video is recorded to USB stick or transferred to IP network via Ethernet IF. Function Outline The Panasonic OEM Micro Camera Recording Model GP-RC100CB is an option unit for the GP-US932 and the GP-KH232 series The GP-RC100 provides the opportunity to record the live picture (mp4) to an USB device or access it from PC via IP network. Additionally, Full HD signals...

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Industrial Medical Vision - 12

MICROSCOPY Technological advancements in the field of microscopic research enable to study even smaller structures in high resolution video and color brilliance. PRO AV Broadcasters focussing on point-of-view shots within natural documentaries or sport programs can highly benefit from the micro camera technology. The excellent color reproduction provides a lifelike experience to the viewer. INDUSTRIAL Manufacturing companies focussing on quality control and inspections benefit from the robust design and high quality of the Panasonic micro cameras. Due to the compact remote camera head...

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