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“As a one man band there are many moments where time forces me to work quickly and I might find myself in a situation without gradient filters at close hand. No problem!” Jeffrey van Houten VariCam: Exquisitely sensitive and colourful With a dual native ISO, 14+ stops of dynamic range and enhanced colour rendition, the new generation of Varicams have remarkable and unique talents. “As a one man band, there are many moments where time forces me to work quickly and I might find myself in a situation without gradient filters at close hand. No problem!” Panasonic’s VariCam has a long and illustrious history. When Planet Earth - the original one - first aired on the BBC in 2007 it was acclaimed for the quality of the wildlife footage. Shot mainly with the first generation VariCam, the images were astonishing. Viewed on today’s far superior displays, the material still looks fresh, colourful and sharp. Fast forward to 2017 and the latest generation of VariCams, designed with cinema, TV drama and all genres of high-quality filmmaking in mind, is capable of vivid, high-resolution images, in 4k HDR. The VariCam 35 and VariCam LT have a remarkable ability to shoot with two native ISOs: 800 and 5000. This makes them uniquely flexible. Let’s have a closer look at what this means in practice. Dual ISO Dual native ISO means exactly that: there are two optimal settings for the camera. The native ISO of a camera is the sensitivity that gives the best images. Any other setting means applying gain, which amplifies the noise floor. Ideally, you should always use a camera at its native ISO. VariCam’s 5000 ISO completely transforms the process of filmmaking. There’s less need for huge and expensive lighting rigs. Shooting becomes (and looks!) spontaneous and free. Shooting in natural light opens up new creative options. City scenes at night explode with colour. Dawn and dusk shimmer with a newly-found luminosity. In very low light, you might imagine it would look like monochromatic night-vision, but it doesn’t. Instead, you see a full spectrum of colour. There are other benefits too. With fewer lights needed, shooting becomes more affordable. Not only is the lighting budget smaller, but without the heat generated by banks of HMIs, there’s less need for expensive air conditioning on-set. In practice, the camera’s sensitivity is transformative. This is what Stephan Pehrsson, Director of Photography on the BBC’s Docu-Drama “The Moorside” said about using the VariCam

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“Our mission was to be as invisible as possible, to allow that cinéma vérité feel. Because we weren’t spending so much time resetting lights, we could spend more time shooting and getting better performances from a brilliant cast. We were shooting each setup 7 or 8 times as we were able to turn around on the location so quickly. I pity the DIT who had to deal with such a massive amount of material.” He went on to say: "The Line Producer loved it, the economic saving from having such limited lighting on set allowed us to bring in more extras, which just enhanced the show,” added Stephan...

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