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Company Profile www.icoone.com

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Skin Experts The culture of skin care to improve quality of life. The experience gained both through a scientific approach and through continuous clinical evaluation in the aesthetic and medical fields, has allowed i-Tech Industries® to become over time a leader in the development of skin treatment and body shaping technologies. Today, i-Tech Industries distinguishes itself for the development of a “culture skin care” by developing cutting-edge technologies that offer effective solutions for improving the quality of life. Throughout its history, the company has studied, divulged and...

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The Vision and the Revolution Dr. Gianfranco Tudico CEO and Head of R&D Gianfranco Tudicò is a skin specialist with 30 years of experience in the beauty and medical equipment industry. After serving as General Director of LPG System (France) for almost 25 years, he invented the revolutionary technology: Roboderm®. Thanks to this worldwide patented technology, i-Tech Industries is able to provide the market with the most innovative medical and aesthetic device: icoone®.

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The concept Roboderm® represents a new concept of technology for the skin treatment. This patented technology works differently from any other technology and device currently present in the market, thanks to the MICROSTIMULATORS. The MICROSTIMULATORS rotate forward, backward, inward and outward to release multiple skin stimulation, according to the desired goals. The micro holes matrixes designed on the surface of the microstimulators (Roboderm®) work and stimulate perfectly the microvacuoles located in the subcutaneous tissue and the connective tissue fibres that delimit microvacuoles...

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Tudico invents and launches ROBODERM® technology i-Tech launches Icoone BODY & FACE with ROBOMICRO and ROBOMINI handpieces i-Tech launches icoone LASER

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The icoone story 2020 i-Tech launches the NEW range of icoone DEVICES BEAUTY LINE - 4 MODELS: icoone – icoone BODY - icoone LASER – icoone BODY LASER MEDICAL LINE - 2 MODELS: icoone LASERMED – icoone MEDICAL

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Headquarters i-Tech Industries Headquarters are strategically based in Bologna, very close to the Cosmoprof Exhibition Center, one of the most important Beauty Expos in the world. With around 2000 sqm facility, I-Tech is able to provide its rapidly growing-worldwide base market with the most innovative technology. Offices • International Sales • International Training Center • Marketing & Communication • After Sales and Quality • International Product Management • Administration

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International Training Center i-Tech Industries’ International Training Center provides full training to all our distributors and clients around the world. MEETING ROOM Sala meeting TRAINING ROOM

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Research & Development Production & Logistics

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i-Tech Departments

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Treatments every year Happy customers

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i-Tech Distributor Support Printed materials (brochures, etc.) Presentations and online materials Exhibition and events Social Media Web Presentation and sales documents Sales training Sales back office Strategy Warranty activation Products traceability Technical assistance Spare Parts e-commerce User manual and technical sheets Quality certifications Video training Scientific support (FAQ, Studies etc) Training back office Trainig material (operator book, Fiches, tracks and protocols etc) With icoone technology every center has the opportunity to grow its business easily and quickly!

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International events & exhibitions

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International events & exhibitions

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icoone® excellent reference centers PROF. YUTSKOVSKAYA

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The Scientific Studies i-Tech Industries has always been focused on the study of the skin structure and changes, improving its expertise in this area over time. We continue to publish scientific studies to support our technologies and prove our incredible results. Prof. Raoul Saggini Dr. Frederic Dubayle Dr. Claudia Van Der Lugt The Scientific Committee & Annual Meeting i-Tech Industries Scientific Committee Meeting takes place every year with the aim of developing innovative solutions for the skin care and quality, based on the new research and scientific studies conducted by its skin...

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