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Robosolo This handpiece , with a renewed design and a touch screen of 3.5”, embodies the LED and LASER sources that can be used together or separately. It allows targeted treatments in specific fat areas on large parts of the body. Microstimulations every minute icoone® device in the world that offers The only is the only device that offers a treatment with two handpieces, allowing a double treatment handpieces system to a symmetric stimulation, twice deliver symmetric stimulation, as fast and effective as a single operated handpiece. twice as fast and effective as a single operated...

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The NEW icoone® LASER MED is the only device in the world that, thanks to the innovative patent Roboderm®, allows to treat different kind of skin blemishes through the Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (M.M.A.S.), a deep and effective stimulation of the microvacuoles in the connective tissue, that guarantees visible results from the first session. Adding the power of LASER and LED, icoone® LASER MED enables to deliver quicker and more focused results, supporting doctors’ work with a number of medical programs and specific treatments that ensure a perfect tissue mobilization in the underlying...

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The ultimate TECHNOLOGY in SKIN TREATMENT for BODY and FACE icoone® is the perfect treatment to prepare the tissue before a surgical operation in order to drain and soften the tissue. On the other hand, the post-surgery treatment helps the recovery by accelerating the healing of the affected area and relieves the pain. Tissue oxygenation with better cell trophism that reduces any fibrosis caused by trauma, surgery or radiations in the treatment of breast cancer, reduction of erythema, pain and skin hardening. SUPPORT FOR LIPOSUCTION PRE: drainage, tissue softening in order to optimize...

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icoone® LASER MED The power of microstimulations is combined with LASER 915 nm and LED 650 nm for tissue regeneration, improvement of metabolic exchange and activation of cells metabolism. LED / LASER OUTSTANDING RESULTS 915nm LASER It has been clinically demonstrated that the 915 nm wave diode LASER penetrates into tissues and is absorbed by lipids, creating a thermal effect that softens the fat within adipocytes. 650nm LED The 650 nm LED modifies the permeability of fat cell membrane, allowing the fat treated by LED to move into the interstitial space. WHAT’S NEW: Smaller and more compact...

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Skin care improves the quality of life #SKINEXPERTS Applicable every day, without a limit of time. Reproducible even if the treatment is administered by different operators. Adaptable handpieces to work on every type and quality of skin, even the most delicate and damaged ones. Precision in the treatment of small and difficult-to-reach areas. Patented technology that realizes a two-handed symmetrical stimulation. Certain results visible from the first session. A meticulous and careful research that leads us into the smallest secrets of the skin. icoone® is the ideal technology for...

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The Science of Skin Via 1° Maggio 4/Q, 40057 Granarolo Emila, Fraz. Quarto Inferiore (BO) ITALY phone +39 051625 9797 The colors of the machines are indicative. This brochure is not intended for the US market.

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