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MODEL VERSION MAG1000 HIGH FREQUENCY LOW INTENSITY MAGNETOTHERAPY CONTENTS: MAG1000 1 Elastic therapeutic (second belt available as optional) Internal 2300 mAh rechargeable Ni-Mh battery with new LL (long lasting) low self discharge technology Backlight display Battery charger 110/240VAC 50/60Hz 1 User manual with belt positioning Transport Bag MAIN FEATURES: MAG1000 is a magnetic therapy device specially design for home use. MAG1000 is provided with a specific adjustable therapeutic belt. Its 20 stored programs offer a large possibility of different treatments, with specific reference to many pathologies, just selecting the program with the required frequency. MAG1000 is the perfect device for the treatment of pathologies affecting soft tissues ( muscles, tendons, skin and nerves) like tendonitis, phebitis, sciatica, herniated disc and for functional recovery after traumas and bruises. Moreover, MAG1000 is indicated for the recalcification of bone tissues. MAG1000 is a medical device CE0476 (compliance with 93/42/EEC MDD) INFORMATIONS ON MAGNETOTHERAPY Difference between high frequency and low frequency magnetotherapy Low frequency and high intensity magnetotherapy (measured in Gauss) is specially dedicated for bone tissue recalcification, and it reaches good effects also on pain therapy and, in general, for the treatment of soft tissues. High frequency and low intensity (measured in milliwatt) is dedicated to pain therapy, cicatrizations, edemas and for the treatment of all pathologies affecting soft tissues. It can also be applied for calcification, but it needs a larger number of treatments than the low frequency magnetotherapy. Difference between high frequency magnetotherapy and TENS TENS currents act on pain with a main action on nervous terminations. High frequency magnetotherapy acts both on nervous terminations and, with an high efficiency, on cellular structure, allowing the normal repristination of physiological conditions. Pain- Articular Muscular contractures Herniated disc I.A.C.E.R. S.r.l. via S. Pertini 24/a 30030 Martellago (VE) - ITALY Tel 0039 041 540 1356 Fax 0039 041 540 2684 e-mail: iac

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I-TECH MEDICAL DIVISION SK197-02 I.A.C.E.R. S.r.l. via S. Pertini 24/a 30030 Martellago (VE) - ITALY Tel 0039 041 540 1356 Fax 0039 041 540 2684 e-mail:

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