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One-click inoculum standardisation! exing, Picking, Vort Streaking : Time - saving conds just a few se o Single use, n ment equip additional needed LE REPRODUCIB ons ati lu Numerous eva ons and publicati Respect the ations recommend

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• elect and prick the colony of interest with the S Inoclic® then discharge the Inoclic® into a tube of water* • ortexing and streaking according to the V recommendations • No need for a densitometer or standard COST-EFFECTIVE • Time-saving • Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing in agar medium REPRODUCIBLE • tandardisation control S *The volume of water contained in the tube depends on the desired concentration Pathology In Practice – Juin 2019 Sample inoculum preparation: a UK ring trial of the Inoclic device (Anne Grayson and Charlotte Duncan) «Preparation of a correct inoculum is vitally...

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