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A wide range of antibiotic and diagnostic discs uality of For a high q your ASTs d fast handling of Wide range luding an Easy, reliable sers specially a disc dispen n® Discs with i2 the Sirsca designed for range. Height nt : Drop adjustme ing to rd off discs acco f the ess o the thickn agar to your volum r 5x50) o activity (1x50 avoid contam va Adapted totions (CLSI, a ality High printcqu onyms acr t cover Transparenoning of disc ti choice of m ss and e their robustn me nce to ti resista for automati IRscan® S reading with for easy posi cartridges

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SIRscan® readers SIRscan® ORION SIRscan® LYNX INTEGRATION AND TRACEABILITY • Automatic acronym reading. D • isc dispensers handling : complete traceability of the batches of antibiotics used. • earch functions. S • Automatic management of expiry dates.

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