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SIRxpert® New generation Bacteriology Middleware Excellence & Productivity

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SIRxpert® • Interfacing most of analysers used in the lab • Connecting several LIS simultaneously Epidemiology & Stewardship programs • Multi-site • All bacteriology results integrated • Customisation of workstations Real-time sample flow SIRxpert Maldi-TOF SIRxpert Bacterio Handling all bacteriology results besides AST • Optimisation of lab flow • Modular configuration matching your needs • artial & global validation with simultaneous P display of documents & images: Gram, urinanalysis, AST, prescription SIRxpert antibio • ntegration of expert systems for validation I of results, input...

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BACTERIOLOGY RESULT HANDLING BESIDES IDENTIFICATIONS-ANTIBIOGRAMS Molecular biology Urine analysis • ompatible with most analysers C Blood cultures Plate streakers • onfigurable decision support C system for carrying out biological analysis AST RESULT HANDLING Mass spectrometry • ompatible with most C techniques & analysers Agar Liquid phase • niversal open system with a U dynamic interpretation of AST • pdated & validated U every year according to recommendations CA-SFM/ EUCAST & CLSI • Expertise tra

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SIRxpert® Over 30 years of evolution & expertise in microbiology 1988 SIR EPI AST UNIVERSAL EXPERT SYSTEM FOR IDENTIFICATION AND ANTIBIOGRAM • Connecting up to 4 AST analysers • Data mining (Epidemio) • Integration into SIRscan >> ull customisation of workstations F >> ilters, shortcuts & favourites for F optimal navigation UNIVERSAL EXPERT SYSTEM FOR IDENTIFICATION AND ANTIBIOGRAM • Expert systems in bacteriology • Connecting up to 25 multi-analytical instruments • Data mining (Epidemio) • Mail alerts • Surveillance network • Handling the whole bacterioloy platform • Multi-LIS, multi-sites...

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