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Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter

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New Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter An Ultrafiltration Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane having nominal pore size of 30nm is developed with:     High chemical and thermal resistance High mechanical stability Low adhesion potential for organic substances Low fouling risk Product water : Feed water : TSS ~ 5,000 ppm COD ~ 3,000 ppm Oil ~ 500 ppm CERA~DUR 5.5: High Value Product for Waste Water / Oily Water Treatment VALUE PROPOSITION  Stable flux during the long term operation  High quality product water for disposal / reuse  Low OPEX with less chemical cleaning (CIP) frequency  Reduced waste quantity for disposal / further treatment For more information, please contact us at: www.i-2-m.com 1053 East Whitaker Mill Road, Suite 155 Raleigh, NC 27604, USA ©2016 i2m LLC, All rights reserved Greg Wood Head of Sales & Marketing Mobile : +1-919-939-7219

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