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Acoustic Barriers A complete range of solutions for solving environmental noise problems • Galvanised steel or Aluminium • Free-draining • Lightweight • Easily installed • Sound absorptive • Weather tested finishes • Demountable and relocatable • Freestanding or add-on cladding • Horizontal or vertical installation

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IAC Acoustics Making the World a Quieter Place Founded on an unrivalled history of engineering with some of the most pioneering discoveries in the industry, the IAC Acoustics brand is synonymous with technological innovation. From controlling noise at a power station to tuning the sound in a TV or radio studio, IAC Acoustics has had a positive impact on society and helped to shape what can be achieved to make speech more intelligible, music more enjoyable, reduce the impact of industrial noise and protect people’s sense of hearing. The continual success of our products and services over the...

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Acoustic Barriers A complete range of certified, high performance solid and louvred acoustic barriers to solve a wide variety of environmental noise pollution problems. • • • • • Guaranteed, proven, sound reduction Sound absorptive surfaces minimise reflected noise Rugged, abuse-resistant, long-lasting steel construction Weather resistant and almost maintenance-free Wide choice of finishes to blend with individual landscapes A Complete Range of Barrier Systems Absorptive Free standing barrier systems - Type FS and SFS - are sound absorptive on one or both sides, offer excellent sound...

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Free-standing Solid Barriers Barrier Attenuation Theoretical attenuation, provided by solid barriers, is shown on the graph below. In practice, the maximum barrier attenuation cannot be greater than the barrier’s sound transmission loss (STL). Fresnel Number Where: Sound absorptive surfaces reduce reverberant build-up between parallel barriers and other reflective surfaces and increase the ability of barriers to attenuate noise. Acoustic Performance All IAC Acoustics Noishield™ barriers offer exceptional transmission loss characteristics and incorporate proven, sound absorbing materials...

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Acoustic Barriers Installation & Maintenance We offer a full design, delivery and installation service, which can also include all necessary structural steelwork. Barriers can be erected by IAC’s own, trained personnel. Alternatively, they can be installed by others (contractors, end users etc), preferably under the supervision of an IAC Acoustics engineer. All IAC Acoustics barriers have guaranteed, rust-proof finishes. Periodic cleaning can be undertaken using water/mild detergent. More stubborn stains and graffiti can be removed using harsher cleaning chemicals, though we only recommend...

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Head Office - Winchester, UK Australia |||| = USA-Houston Canada USA-Lincoln Making the world a quieter place

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