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Audiometric Booths - 2

SELECT FROM 29 STANDARD SIZES AND HUNDREDS OF INTERCHANGEABLE 250 Series Mini Sound Smallest room in IAC range. Single Mall construction, preassembicd and supplied as a finished unit or n -hit' (cm, mounted on castors for complete mobility. For detailed specification please consult separate IAC Special, compact, single wall (individual room) design with wall panel incorporating both door and window in same Side. Enables room to be installed in areas of limited space (see diagram). Specification otherwise as for 40OA Series rooms, except for reduced window si/e (405mm wide x 610mm high) and...

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Audiometric Booths - 3

SINGLE ROOM DESIGN DATA (COMPACT MODELS) * Control room outside height 2285mm. **A further 260mm should be added to the height, width or length of the room depending on the location of the ventilation system. Dimensions nominal. See overleaf for complete design specifications.

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Audiometric Booths - 4

SPECIFICATION FOR IAC STANDARD AUDIOMETRY EXAMINATION AND MEDICAL RESEARCH ROOMS* 1 ROOF & WALL CONSTRUCTION - Roofs and walls shall bo constructed from standard medical acoustic panels. 102mm thick. Outer panel faces shall be 1.6mm steel sheet while inner faces will be 0.7nim galvanised perforated steel sheet with 2.5mm diameter openings on 5.0mm staggered centres. Panels are reinforced and framed with 1.2mm channels. Average weight to be not less than 50Ug/rtf. 2 FLOOR CONSTRUCTION - Acousti-Flote® floor shall be 102mm thick with 3.0mm steel sneet upper surface and l.6mni steel sheet...

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