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• Guaranteed Acoustic Per formance • Complete Design and Installation Ser vice audiometric rooms Modular Rooms for Audiometric Examination and Medical Research • Comprehensive product range, from small screening booths to full-size rooms, suites and mobile (vehicle mounted) units • Standard rooms available from stock • Over 50 years experience in Audiometric Test Room Design and Construction • BS EN ISO 9001 quality standard and BS EN ISO 14001 environment management registered

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A WORLD LEADER IAC is the world’s leading supplier of audiometric testing and medical research facilities, having designed and built, since 1949, over 40,000 rooms for hospitals, clinics, universities, schools, laboratories and medical centres internationally. Whether you require a single, standard screening booth, a customised audiology room/suite or a vehicle-mounted mobile unit, you can be confident that IAC-built Audiometric Test Facilities will comply fully with all relevant acoustic criteria, technical standards and international design specifications. MAJOR BENEFITS OF THE IAC...

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Design Manufacture Installation Acoustic Testing Commissioning After-Sales Support The IAC Turnkey Service was developed in direct response to the requirements of the UK’s DHSS Design Guide and other international standards governing the way audiometric test facilities should be designed and constructed. IAC specialises in providing complete, purpose-built audiometric rooms/suites which fully satisfy the Guide’s criteria in respect to all acoustic, structural, mechanical and electrical requirements. The provision, for example, of lighting, power, fire and patient/nurse call systems all form...

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MINI SOUND The smallest booth in IAC’s standard range, the 250 Sound Shelter is an excellent, proven, low-cost solution for industrial audiometry and complies fully with ISO BS EN 6189. Fitted with castors for complete mobility, it can be supplied in assembled or kit form. It is equipped with its own ventilation system, lighting, shelf and jack panel (for audiometer connection). For a detailed specification please see Bulletin No. MSS/04.08. IAC manufactures many other products for use in acoustically isolated rooms and buildings. These include Noise-Lock® acoustic doors and windows,...

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PRODUCT RANGE Audiometric Screening Booths • The IAC 250 Series Mini Sound Shelter: IAC’s bestselling booth for hearing screening in industry • The IAC Model 401-A-SE: A compact, single-wall standard room with a door and window in the same side • The IAC 1201-A: A popular, standard double-wall booth with structurally isolated inner room Diagnostic Audiometric Rooms • Almost 30 standard rooms of different sizes. Single and double wall versions are available as well as one or two room suites • Turnkey rooms and suites, the size, shape, per formance and appearance of which are fully customised...

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United Kingdom IAC GROUP HEADQUARTERS IAC Ltd IAC House, Moorside Road, WINCHESTER, Hampshire, SO23 7US Tel: +44 (0) 1962 873000 Fax: +44 (0) 1962 873111 E-mail: Website: Australia IAC Colpro Pty Ltd Tel: +61 2 9896 0422 Fax: +61 2 9896 0482 E-mail: Website: ACOUSTIC PRODUCTS China Established in 1949, IAC is the world’s largest provider of noise and acoustic control products, structures and test facilities. Employing over 800 people, the company has major research and development centres...

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