Data Sheet 120a Series Double-Wall Audiometric Booth - 4 Pages

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Data Sheet 120a Series Double-Wall Audiometric Booth

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Data Sheet 120a Series Double-Wall Audiometric Booth Typical Plan iac acoustics A DIVISION OF SOUND SEAL The 120a Series Double-Wall (room-within-a-room) construction is two housings constructed of 4" thick modular panels, separated by a four inch air space, complete with carpeted vibration isolated floor, space-saver roof mounted ventilation, recessed electrical, Noise-Lock® doors and double glazed windows, audiometric jack panels acoustically matched and shipped ready for field assembly. • NIC 70 ANY SIZE • ANY SHAPE • ANY COLOR

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Data Sheet 120a Series Double-Wall Audiometric Booth Total Estimated Design Weight: See table on page 1 Panel Construction: Noise-Lock® V (interior walls), Noise-Lock® IV (exterior walls), Noise-Lock® VI (interior ceiling) and Noise-Lock® IV (exterior ceiling) Panel Size: Maximum panel size to be determined by customer for adequate site access Interior Surfaces: 22ga. galvanized perforated steel Exterior Surfaces: 14ga. cold rolled solid steel Floor Interior Surface: 11ga. hot rolled steel Finish: Textured powder coated Door: (2) 2’-9” wide x 6’-1½” high clear opening camlift splitframe...

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Accutone2 Series Audiometric Room Options Doors: Optional Equipment: • Noise-Lock® double-glazed windows in door • One-way Noise-Lock® glass • 12” x 12” View Port • 16” x 24” Side Light • 20” x 60” Full Glass • Additional & oversized doors including double leaf • Wood veneered door finishes • Mortised type, lever handle, recessed key locks • One-way Noise-Lock® glass on sliding rails • Special jack-panels • Pass throughs • Fire rated outer walls and doors • Door closers Standard Enhancement Packages: Exterior Enhancement Packages: • Enhancement packages available with choice of fabric &...

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120a Series Double-Wall Audiometric Booth fb Enhanced Performance Audiometric Series Room Noise Reduction 40 Single Wall w/ 1" Enhancement 800 Single Wall w/ 4" Enhancement 120 Double Wall Octave Band Center Frequency, Hz IAC Acoustics North Aurora, Illinois T: 630 270 1790 F: 630 966 9710 E:

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