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Marine Mounts Small, Medium, Large, X-Large Product Description This mount is ideal for marine applications, particularly marine engines, both main and auxiliary engines. The mount is designed so that the horizontal stiffness in the x- and y-axes are different, which in turn are also different from the vertical stiffness. This provides marine engines with a good relation between how flexible the set up is in the direction of propeller thrust, engine torsion and engine load. Technical characteristics Top metal part protects the rubber against fuel and oil Metal parts are electro galvanised The Marine mount is a secured mount designed to ensure that the top and bottom mounting plates are always connected, even when subjected to high shock loads The base plate is marked with mount type and hardness, making them easy to identify even after many years of use The different degrees of stiffness in each axis, gives a stiff mount in parallel with the propeller axel, so it can absorb the pressure force from the propeller and lower stiffness perpendicular to the engine crankshaft. The Marine mount has a different stiffness in the 3 axes, providing long life for couplings and bearings, as well as effective vibration isolation for marine engines. Applications In rotating machinery, which requires a good degree of vibration isolation and different stability in the 3 axes. Especially suited for marine applications such as ship engines in relation with ship propellers. Web: Email: Shop: View our online shop for AVMs Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE).

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