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Police Interview Rooms A complete range of sound proofed rooms for conducting recorded iny

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Police Interview Rooms Why acoustic performance is so important The high cost involved in preparing evidence and bringing criminal cases to court means that the quality of the recorded evidence cannot be compromised. This is particularly apparent in cases involving serious offences because as interviews tend to be more probing and longer in duration, the probability that recordings will be compromised by background noise interference and disturbance increases. Statements, phrases and critical words uttered during an interview on a poor quality recording will undoubtedly be regarded with...

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In many cases, for practical reasons, an interview room must be located within, or close to, a secure area; it is undesirable, time wasting and perhaps even dangerous to have to escort suspects or witnesses vast distances between cells and the interview room. Noise problems in secure areas tend to be considerable – raised voices, shouting, heavy footsteps and doors and gates closing suddenly, are all sources of unwanted noise. Main design considerations for such areas can be summarised as follows: Reverberation Problems Floors, walls and ceilings all reflect sound and therefore reduce the...

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Mobile Facilities A compact, mobile, ‘plug and play’ vehicle or trailer mounted facility is the ideal design solution where space within in existing building is at a premium. A portable interview room has the added advantage that Turnkey Design & Build Packages In practical terms, the construction of police interview rooms is likely to involve several specialist trades, including builders, air conditioning engineers, decorators etc. To guarantee the acoustic integrity of the finished room(s) it is vital to ensure that all contractors are monitored and co-ordinated throughout the building...

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