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Quiet-Duct® Silencers

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Quiet-Duct® Silencers A Complete Range of Engineered Noise Control for Air Handling Systems • uiet-Duct Ultra™ / Low Q • Quiet-Duct Ultra™ / Green • Quiet-Duct Ultra™ / ZAPD • Quiet-Duct Ultra® Commercial Series • Quiet-Duct Clean Flow™ Silencers • uiet-Duct Conic Flow® Q • D-Duct Diffuser • Ultra-Pals™ Pa

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A Complete Range of Engineered Noise Control for Air Handling Systems The Quiet-Duct® Commercial line of silencers are the backbone of IAC’s HVAC silencers. These are the most used and specified silencers in the HVAC industry. They provide an awesome design flexibility suitable for many different types of applications and can be easily fitted into any existing system. The Quiet-Duct Ultra™ / Low line of silencers offers the industry’s first published and guaranteed performance data in the 31.5 Hz full octave-band center frequencies. The Quiet-Duct Ultra™ / Green line was developed in...

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Typical Applications • Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Science Labs • Office Buildings • Tunnel Exhaust Applications • Hotels and Restaurants • Generator Enclosures • Automobile Plants • Universities, Schools and Dorm Rooms • Auditoriums, Concert Halls, Stadiums and Arenas • Churches • Data Centers • Airport Terminals • Police and Fire Stations • Dust Collectors • Military Installations • Waste Water Treatment Plants Features & Benefits • Straight-through air passages designed for maximum air handling at minimum pressure drop • Acoustic baffles designed for maximum attenuation at low...

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Leadership in Silencer Development & Technology A question frequently asked by our customers is whether duct lining alone can provide sufficient attenuation from noise handling equipment. In most cases the answer is “no.” As an example based on the guidelines from the 1999 ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook, in the 250 Hz octave band, an 18 in. x 54 in. duct would require 57 feet of one-inch-thick, 1.5 lb/ft.3-density, surface-coated, ductliner material to achieve as much insertion loss (i.e. 32 dB) as one five-foot-long IAC 5 LFS Silencer. In the lower frequencies, such as 125 Hz, even greater...

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A Complete Family of Silencers All of lAC’s silencers were developed in response to specific requirements from acoustical consultants, consulting engineers, owners and contractors. Having been pre-tested for performance, they provide the most economical choices for solving the wide variety of noise control problems encountered in HVAC engineering. lAC standard, rectangular silencer cross sections range from 6 in. x 6 in. to 48 in. x 48 in. For small mains, branches, and duct run-outs, module sizes fit every need. When large silencer banks are required, multiplemodule assemblies can be...

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One Stop for Silencer Information & Specification Benefits of Passive Silencer Design All of the silencers manufactured by IAC are of passive design which means that they do not require mechanical or electrical means to function. They work by providing a trouble-free static means for dissipating sound energy by converting it into minute quantities of heat. Passive silencers provide low first cost, simple installation, and maintenance-free lifetime operation to make them the natural choice in HVAC-engineered noise control. Sources of Design Information The effective and economical...

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Operation & Maintenance Instructions 1. AC Silencers have no moving parts and therefore require no lubrication or routine maintenance. I 2. ll silencers are furnished rigidly constructed, well-made and free of any defects in materials or A workmanship. To ensure continuing proper operation, the silencers should be visually inspected at least once a year to verify that: a. erforated acoustic splitters are undamaged, remaining parallel and true. P b. Airspaces between the acoustic splitters are free of any debris. c. The holes in the perforated steel are open and free of dust or other foreign...

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USA - North Aurora, IL T: +1 (630) 270 1790 F: +1 (630) 966 9710 E: iacacoustics@soundseal.com

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