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Rubber Buffers Product Description Rubber blocks vulcanised to a galvanised steel plate with a central thread. The rubber buffers are manufactured in natural rubber of different densities. Applications Used to dampen all types of drop and impact shocks from cranes, rail wagons and stopping mechanisms. The GB range of buffers absorb the kinetic energy, minimising shock from the impact. These rubber buffers can also be used in machinery as a limiting element against any extreme oscillations for instance with the shifting of resonance frequency or as part of a flexible guide rail. Fitting These rubber buffers can be fitted as required in either fixed or mobile sections of machinery. If the buffer does not supply sufficient damping, then two buffers can be fitted in series opposite each other so that the necessary damping is obtained. Bolt Thread Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE). * Peak load – approx. 1 sec. Normal load is half of Maximum load. Web: Email: Shop: View our online shop for AVMs

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Deflection (mm) Deflection0(mm) Deflection (mm) 4 43 5 0 Deflection (mm) 5 White hollow on (mm) Deflection (mm) Load (kg) Load (kg) 250 800 White hollow Buffers in parallel setup 0 White hollow White hollow White hollow Deflection (mm) Deflection (mm) Load (kg) Load (kg) 250 800 IAC SD 4343 Load (kg) IAC SANDWICH 100 SD 4343 SANDWICH 100 White hollow Deflection (mm) Deflection (mm) Deflection (mm) Deflection (mm) White hollow 0 20 16 12 20 Deflection (mm) 16 Deflection (mm) Deflection (mm) Deflection (mm) Deflection (mm) Deflection (mm) Deflection (mm) Deflection (mm) Load (kg) Load (kg) 80 Load (kg)...

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