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Product Description RG8 ribbed pad is composed of a neoprene rubber, which has good oil / fuel resistance and is anti static with a hardness of 50 Sh. The plate has ribs running lengthwise on one side and crosswise on the other. Applications The RG8 pad is mainly used for the insulation of vibration in the 40-50 Hz and higher range. Higher deflection can be obtained by layering plates on top of each other. To calculate the vibration isolation for more layers just find the total deflection and look at the chart on page 2. The pad is particularly well-suited if a machine needs to have a relatively fixed base and at the same time requires insulation against structural noise. The pad is used in connection with tool machines, printing machines, textile machines, lifts and similar equipment. The area of pad required is determined by the load. The normal static load is 3.5 kg/cm² where the deflection obtained is 1.2mm. 3 Load in kg = RG8 plates area (cm²) 3.5 The RG8 pad can withstand a maximum load of 4.3 kg/cm² for a shorter period of time Fitting The RG8 pad can normally be fitted between the machine and the underlying base. The rubber pad in many cases removes the need for bolting and thereby avoiding bolt holes in the floor or building. If more than one layer is used, then a 1-2mm steel plate must be used between each layer to ensure a steady foundation. The panel is best cut with a damp, sharp knife. If the cut piece of plate is 5-10 mm larger than the machine foot it will increase the adhesiveness of the rubber to the floor. Dimensions Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE). Pads are available in standard sizes of 500 x 500 x 8mm Web: Email: Shop: View our online shop for AVMs

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