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Rubber cones vulcanised onto galvanised steel discs. This vibration mount is manufactured in natural rubber. White hollow White hollow Deflection (mm) Deflection (mm) Load (kg) Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE). Deflection (mm) Deflection (mm) Load (kg) Static Load 800 Deflection (mm) Hardness 400 Rubber Colour Deflection (mm) Deflection (mm) Load (kg) These vibration mounts offer good deflection and therefore good 60 15 15 vibration isolation. The FA range can also be used for passive insulation against vibrations that come from the outside. For 40 SH 40 SH example, with radio transmitters, measuring equipment, navigational 40 10 10 instruments as well as insulating against vibrations during transport. This vibration mount is used to insulate against noise and vibrations of smaller machinery and installations, such as smaller2517pumps, 2517 GB fans, Load (kg) GB Load (kg) Load (kg) 80 20 20 electric motors, compressors, convertors and vibration tables. The white mounts are also available as hollow versions with lower 20 20 maximum loadings than the standard solid version. Product Description Load (kg) Load (kg) Rubber Turret Mounts 100 100 White hollow IAC SD 4343 SD 4343 IAC Web: Email: S

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