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Hi, my name is IKE, I am the soul of IBA’s new Cyclone® IKON. I am the culmination of 35 years of breakthrough innovation and technology that started in 1986 with the launch of the first IBA Cyclotron: the Cyclone® 30 designed by Yves Jongen. Since then, the Cyclone® 30 family has earned IBA the position of world leader in high-energy cyclotrons with more than 30 installed units worldwide. A clear demonstration of high reliability and the validity of an efficient design. Today, the new Cyclone® IKON takes IBA’s technology to the next level. With a 13 to 30 MeV energy range, but still light...

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Clean vacuum High safety standards Powerful & compact design High efficiency beam lines Large range of target solutions Proven IBA RF technology State-of-the-art external ion source Large proton energy span WATCH PRESENTATION VIDEO

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Unprecedented flexibility for a new world of possibilities More doesn’t always mean better. This is particularly true when producing radioisotopes. This is why Cyclone® IKON offers a large proton energy range from 13 to 30 MeV. Injecting a pure and safe radiopharmaceutical is crucial. The optimization of the reaction energy is a key-factor in ensuring this is the case. Some very promising radioisotopes are actually produced at energies of 13MeV to avoid the coproduction of other isotopic impurities and therefore ensure the highest purity of the end-product. This level of energy is ideal for...

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Making novel isotopes available Today, Nuclear Medicine is emerging as a relevant modality for cancer therapy. THERANOSTICS allow the administration of radiation directly to the targeted cells, with much less toxic side-effects to surrounding healthy cells than traditional modalities. The growing numbers of clinical trials and constant increase of new radiotherapeutic molecule developments corroborate the great potential of Radioligand therapy. To enable this revolution, we must unlock novel isotopes availability and boost production capacity. In this role, the cyclotron must be a reliable...

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Compact Design Space is precious. Our team of engineers have managed to limit the size of the Cyclone® IKON while keeping a high level of performance and reliability. The modular beam line options now allows users to design their radiopharmacy according to their own needs and requirements. Renaud Dehareng CEO Curium Pharma With its compact design, IBA’s Cyclone® IKON makes it possible to significantly reduce the size of the vault. This represents substantial savings in terms of the initial investment for the building. Its flexible design also enables both long-beam lines for separated...

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Integrated Solution Acquiring a cyclotron is only the first step in a complex process. Multiple procedures and sophisticated equipment must be integrated into a cost effective and high-performance solution. IBA’s experienced team of experts in equipment and radiopharmacy provides the best support to create your fully compliant GMP facility. Compact design with single vault and two irradiation stations Extended design with four target vaults for multiple isotope production From project to reality The IBA IntegraLab® team of experts will support you during every step of the setting up of your...

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Radiopharmaceuticals production solutions Integrated Solution A comprehensive range of solutions for PET and SPECT isotope production All the benefits of an integrated solution We know how important it is to provide integrated solutions. That’s why IBA offers complete production solutions, from the target irradiation system to the purified end-product. This enables IBA users to have full control of their production process and to always know who to turn to for support. Tomorrow’s radiopharmaceuticals will not be the same as today’s. That’s why IBA provides continuous support over the entire...

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Technical specifications Cyclone® IKON 500 Beam Exit ports Yoke size & weight Vacuum Cyclotron vault Electrical power HVAC Cooling Particle Energy Extracted maximum current Target maximum current Simultaneous extracted beam Number of exits per side Extraction Number of beam lines PET exit port (up to 18MeV) Beam line length PET Target switching Technology DC Power Technology Dee voltage Power final amplifier Frequency Type of source Vacuum Injected current LxW H Weight Technology Number of pumps Operational vacuum Minimum size (short beam lines) Minimum size (long beam lines) Cyclotron only...

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Typical production yields SPECT Isotopes Isotope Chemical Form Target Reaction Enriched Material PET Isotopes Isotope Chemical Form Target Reaction Target Material Target size Recovered Activity EOB(3)or Yield Purity according to EU pharmacopoeia EOC: End of chemistry 3 EOB: End of beam 4 Depending on target material thickness. For 64Cu : 0.073 mCi/µAh/mg of Ni-64 Note: Other radioisotopes can also be produced with the Cyclone IKON ( 86Y, 67Ga,

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Life, Science. ABOUT IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.) IBA is a cancer diagnostics and treatment company and the worldwide technology leader in the field of proton therapy. The company’s expertise lies in the development of next-generation proton therapy technologies and radiopharmaceuticals that provide oncology care providers with premium quality services and equipment, including IBA’s leading fully-integrated IntegraLab® system. ABOUT IBA RADIOPHARMA SOLUTIONS Based on long-standing expertise, IBA RadioPharma Solutions supports hospitals and radiopharmaceutical distribution centers with...

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