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DOLPHIN Advanced Detector for 3D Patient QA CARE. CONTROL. CONFIDENCE.

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Unique Design Unique multi-purpose Transmission Detector for Pre-Treatment Patient QA and Machine QA 40 cm High-resolution, high-accuracy detector array Detector is perpendicular to the beam No angular dependence 40 cm Optimized for rotational treatments Built-in gantry angle sensor Time resolved (4D) segment-by-segment response detection Cable-free design Wireless data connection Battery-powered; seconds to change Unique multifunctional detector array design Pre-treatment QA Machine and Morning QA Full 40 x 40 cm² treatment field size coverage Unique detector array design High sensitive...

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Pre-Treatment QA Setup Efficiency Be ready to measure in 1 minute Simply attach Dolphin to your gantry and operate wirelessly, no cables needed! Excellent setup positioning accuracy. Skip time-consuming setup and alignment of couch-based detector solutions Measurement Accuracy Designed to verify real dose in 3D Highly accurate and proven ion chamber detector High error detection capability based on the real treatment delivery (vs. log file “calculation only” or EPID solutions1) High-resolution full 40x40 cm2 field size measurements Verification Power TPS-class error analysis Comprehensive...

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Patient QA Workflow Simplicity Easy setup and QA measurements Optional full 3D patient dose analysis with Automatic instant verification results The Physicist and Radiation Oncologists evaluate the case using IBA’s comprehensive 3D / 4D verification software. Fast detector setup in just 1 minute Simply attach Dolphin to your gantry without cables or calibrations Transmit your measured data wirelessly for efficient verification at your QA console Watch 1 min Dolphin setup video Instant verification of Dolphin measurements vs. TPS plan and display of the result “OK” for a test that is...

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Machine QA Unique detector layout Dolphin is designed also for Machine QA Optimized detector layout for high-resolution profile measurements and diagonals Excellent stability, reproducibility (0.5%), and linearity (1.0%) Setup consistency and efficiency Overcome cumbersome table-based detector setup Dolphin features excellent repositioning accuracy by simply attaching the detector to the gantry mount Ready to measure in 1 minute myQA Machines For routine scheduled machine QA dosimetry tests Verify your profile, output, and wedge constancy Check your machine behavior per gantry angle myQA...

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DOLPHIN & COMPASS FOCUS ON EVERY PATIENT ® Ready to measure in 60 seconds Simply attach DOLPHIN to the gantry with one „click-in“ at the same aligned and reproducible position with respect to the beam. Along with the cable-free design, this allows operation to start immediately. Full field measurement The DOLPHIN detector design enables measurements at all beam shapes and field sizes: entire large fields up to 40 × 40 cm2 at isocenter plane as well as small fields at high precision. As opposed to other solutions, with DOLPHIN the actual patient plan can be measured, which helps prevent...

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DOLPHIN SPECIFICATIONS Outer dimensions Weight incl. battery Detector field size 40 x 40 cm²; Full treatment fields supported (Detector size of 24.3 x 24.3 cm²) Detector resolution 5 mm high-resolution in the inner 15 x 15 cm² detector area (center-to-center distance). Chamber board layout with central detector and dedicated patterns to support future machine QA (diagonals, MLC check layout). Ionization chamber specs 1513 air-vented plain parallel ionization chambers of 3.2 mm (Ø) x 2.0 mm (h); Chamber volume 0.016 cm³ Max. dose rate Collection efficiency (pulsed beam at 360Hz PRF): >98% at...

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