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Beam Commissioning and Annual QA

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Your natural selection Connect your myQA Accept software to the myQA Platform, benchmark your data in the myQA Cloud* and use scans as test results or individual reference. Fully workflow oriented, menu guided myQA Accept software: designed to increase your efficiency and to reduce the commissioning and QA time of your Linac. Advanced Commissioning Interface: Menu guided workflow optimization True workflow efficiency

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Increase your efficiency myQA Accept Fastest, most Accurate, most Reliable Beam Commissioning and Annual QA

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Automatic Queue Generation ■/ Fast & automatic data acquisition with predefined queues for all major TPS ■/ Save time with smart sorting algorithm for optimized scan sequences ■/ Sorting, prioritizing and multiple edits of scan queues to maximize efficiency ■/ Intuitive setup of user specific queues ■/ Adjustable scanning parameters for optimized measurements ■/ 1D, 2D and 3D graphical and geometrical visualization of detector position during scanning

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3 Data Handling & Analysis ■/ Easy filtering and sorting ■/ Fast creation and export of data tables (PDD, TMR, OAR, etc.) •/ Copy & paste to other applications, eg. MS Excel V Exchange data with other IBA Dosimetry applications Benchmark your commissioning data with your peers using the myQA Cloud V Accurate data analysis via standard and customizable protocols ■/ Analysis of TrueBeam™ / FFF scans ■/ Overlaying profiles for quantitative comparison V 2D array and isodose calculation and display •/ Library of mathematical smoothing and interpolation functions Use your scan data as your...

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One of the easiest to use and most intuitive scanning and data analysis solutions out there. The first time I used it, after setting up the water tank and probes, I dove right in without having to read the instructions. Within minutes, I was rewarded with smoothed profiles and percentage ionization curves. With a simple click, my ionization curve was converted to a depth dose curve. Easy sidebar navigation made it easy to change the reported analysis of my curve. TG-51 or IAEA values? Four different ways to estimate electron energies. Countless other analysis options simply require a click...

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