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Complete Machine QA

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Your natural selection Why are we unique? Platform based Machine QA rotocol based machine QA (including TG-142) P All results can be exported to reports, saved in the Generic tests and customizable protocols ull coverage of tests with a flexible scheduling F tool to manage your tasks, resources & time omprehensive analysis, archiving, and C reporting tools nterface to myQA Cockpit for quick and easy I access to all QA results and trends Test Setup Test Archive

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myQA Machines offers plug-ins for all of your QA needs: Perform automated dosimetry tests with the StarTrack* or MatriXX detectors Acquire all key beam parameters in just one shot (dose output, profile analysis, energy verification) Analysis of main axis and diagonals (field size, symmetry, flatness, center, penumbra, light field) Perform automated MLC stripe tests (‘picket fence test’) EPID images & films can be analyzed to determine leaf position accuracy & MLC transmission characteristics Identifies whether any leaf is not in tolerance and which leaf number failed Every pixel of every...

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Fast Track ■/ Perform automated imaging QA for planar imaging (kV and MV) ■/ Fully automatic with all calculations performed in 5 seconds or less •/ Compatible with all common imaging phantoms ■/ Perform automated imaging QA for CT and CBCT, including contrast, contrast to noise ratio, uniformity, HU deviation, spatial resolution, imaging scaling, and more! ■/ Compatible with all common imaging phantoms Measurement Application for StarTrack* and MatriXX •/ Instant display of results and real-time analysis (e.g.For beam steering, start-up behavior) •/ Allows the Linac technician to setup...

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This platform allows me to cross-check data from within the various softwares, and offers the unique opportunity to connect with peers from around the world and benchmark QA data using the myQA Cloud. With myQA, the quality assurance becomes schedulable - in every sense of the word. For example, right now I am programming QA activities after Linac interventions using subgroups from periodic QA tasks, according to technical service recommendations. Another highlight for me is the myQA Cockpit. This web-based dashboard will allow us to quickly retrieve machine QA status updates anywhere in...

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