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Platform based Plan Verification

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Your natural selection Platform based Plan Verification Connect your Patient QA to Data is safely stored in one central database etwork-wide accessible data: Connecting staff and locations N ata integrity with an advanced user management system D Review the complete status of your Patient QA using - anytime, anywhere! Have full control of your patient data

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Your Platform based Plan Verification myQA Patients is your efficient, intuitive and connected plan verification solution for IMRT, rotational and FFF treatments.

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Flexible & Full DICOM Interface •/ Read DICOM files •/ Query/ Retrieve from DICOM server •/ DICOM listener for import via network •/ Import from a DICOMDIR V Import of proprietary dose and fluence files Variety of supported dose and fluence map formats, e.g. RTDOSE, Monaco, Eclipse, XiO, Pinnacle... Quick Patient Overview •/ Patient list sortable by case V Automatic project creation with the DICOM information ■/ Approval status Workflow Oriented - Measurement Control ■/ Intuitive operation ■/ Visual confirmations V Beam trigger mode •/ Consistency in all myQA modules Interface to MatriXX...

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Efficiency •/ Automated gamma results Comprehensive verification •/ Single/composite IMRT fields •/ Relative and absolute dose evaluation V 1D/2D visual and mathematical analysis ■/ Advanced local and global gamma Wide range of algorithms for data processing V Full traceability ■/ Restore raw data anytime Fast reporting and archiving on the database ■/ Export as RTF HTML or PDF file •/ Electronic approval including comments ■/ Copy and paste via clipboard e.g Microsoft Excel ■/ Data export via ASCII and CSV files

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The elimination of repetitive steps allows me to greatly reduce the time required for patient plan verification. For example, I save Linac time by preparing all patient data beforehand in my office. During measurements I simply load the patient data and start right away. The results for plan verification are presented in a straightforward manner. All in all, a nice advancement over the previous software giving me more efficiency and flexibility for my plan verification. James P Nunn, MS, CHP, DABR, Senior Medical Physicist Lewis Gate Regional Cancer Centre Pulaski, USA Europe, Middle East,...

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