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MyQA Your Global Quality Assurance Platform - 1

Your Global Quality Assurance Platform All-in-One. All Connected. All Secure.

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MyQA Your Global Quality Assurance Platform - 2

Dealing with complexity in your QA? It Difficulty in keeping an overview of your QA? X Not enough time for data analysis? X Worried about missing crucial information? $C Difficulty in learning numerous applications? Need an integrated solution? VReports APPROVED >(3A COCkRit | « Test Hesufts I SoS rreno Analysts I ^ Your central hub to keep your All-in-One Platform S Intuitive and unique interface Simple and clear reporting

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MyQA Your Global Quality Assurance Platform - 3

Missing the connectivity in your QA? Server, optional Cloud General tasks No link between data, software programs & hardware devices? Limited data compatibility between all your QA applications? Lack of data comparability? Difficulty in exchanging best practices and know-how with peers? Need a connected solution? Colleagues & Peers People & Know-How Connected ! Incompatible Data Satellite hospital Applications Connected ! connects your QA applications & know-how! All applications connected anytime & anywhere Accessibility & comparability of data, including benchmarks Connection to know-how...

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MyQA Your Global Quality Assurance Platform - 4

Looking for peace of mind in your QA? Change Ahead Secure Operations: Regular and automatic software updates to always remain up-to-date & compliant * Difficulty in following evolving technologies and protocols, and complying with regulations? Unsure about best practice and most efficient QA procedures for each modality? Need a more supportive solution? Worried about the safety of your data? secure in all your QA aspects! Secure Outcome: Training support with the IBA Academy and clinical partners; 24/7 support from the Service Portal and Service Team Secure Data: Integrity with consistent...

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MyQA Your Global Quality Assurance Platform - 5

Your Benefits. Personal benefits. Financial benefits. Time saved with an easy and efficient workflow, a common look and feel, and simple functionalities Scalable solution: Simple tailoring to your specific needs Full overview with central database and “one click report” Regular automatic updates protecting your investments with guaranteed costs for the contract period* Better results based on simple comparison of all your data Gain knowledge and best practices from IBA peers Peace of mind based on Service Portal and Maintenance Contract program Strategic benefits. Safer patient treatments...

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MyQA Your Global Quality Assurance Platform - 6

journey Join the ! beginning t the this is jus … TM One Platform. Multiple Applications. At a glance. Your brand new Global QA Platform integrates patient QA as well as machine QA and a Cockpit, including central user & equipment management. This platform enables you to access the different software modules and all data via one uniquely designed and intuitive interface, from different devices. Patient Plan Verification Workflow optimized plan verification in just 4 steps: Increase your efficiency and reduce the patient QA time IMRT and rotational cases, global and local gamma Review the...

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MyQA Your Global Quality Assurance Platform - 7 Europe, Middle East, Africa IBA Dosimetry GmbH Bahnhofstr. 5 90592 Schwarzenbruck, Germany Tel.: +49 9128 607 0 Fax: +49 9128 607 10 North America, Latin America Radiation Therapy: Fighting Cancer Safely and Precisely ➤ Industry-leading dosimetry and QA solutions that maximize IBA Dosimetry America 3150 Stage Post Drive, Suite 110 Bartlett, TN 38133, USA Tel.: +1 901 386 2242 Fax: +1 901 382 9453 efficiency and minimize errors for better outcomes ➤ Flexible soft tissue imaging markers (VISICOIL™) enable precise tumor targeting and tracking for pinpoint RT, IGRT...

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