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Online^ Treatment Monitoring Online Care, Online Control, Online Confidence

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Online Treatment Monitoring and much more! provides you with online control and online confidence of treating your patients exactly as planned – until the last fraction delivered. Dolphin is your unique solution for better patient care and maximized treatment safety. High-resolution, high-accuracy detector array ➤ Measures the actual treatment instead of pre-treatment beam ➤ Detector is perpendicular to the beam, no angular dependence Optimized for rotational treatments ➤ Built-in angle sensor ➤ Measure beam segments per gantry angle and time (4D) Designed for online verification and...

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Pre-Treatment Verification – Your efficient solution for pre-treatment plan verification ➤ No detector setup required: Dolphin QA measurements are possible at anytime ➤ Avoid after hours QA measurements ➤ Transmit your measured data wirelessly for efficient verification at your QA console

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Fraction by fraction online control Therapist confirms correctness of each fraction provides Online Care by enabling a safer and more positive treatment experience QuickCheck: Online treatment evaluation immediately after each fraction ➤ Dolphin’s friendly design supports the therapist in comforting the patient for more compliant and accurate treatment delivery ➤ Gain full online control that each fraction was delivered as planned ➤ Dolphin measures the actual delivery during the patient treatment ➤ Measured detector response is transmitted wirelessly to the Dolphin workstation at the...

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➤ Different plans used for pre-treatment check vs. patient delivery Europe, Middle East, Africa ➤ Detect data transfer errors within the treatment chain ➤ Errors of the Linac: Beam line issues, MLC deviations, dose rate changes, sudden flatness/ symmetry drifts, gantry / collimator positioning errors, etc. Specifications Outer dimensions Weight incl. battery Detector field size Detector resolution Ionization chamber specs Sampling time Nominal sensitivity 600 mm (Ø) x 57 mm (h) 12 kg / 26.45 lbs (ca) 40 x 40 cm²; Full treatment fields supported (Detector size of 24.3 x 24.3 cm²) 5 mm high...

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