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LOUPES See. What is possible.

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LOUPE SYSTEMS custom The details make the difference.

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The best loupe we have ever made. Clean on the outside. Tight on the inside. XTRA hygienic. XTRA lightweight. Always clean and hygienic every time you put them on. The watertight bonded loupe system makes it possible to wash the VISIONX under running water. This means that heavy soiling from blood, fat or make-up can be simply washed off prior to disinfection. Weight reduced to a minimum for maximum wearing comfort. Carefully selected materials and an optimized design mean that a pair of VISIONX loupes weigh a mere 22 g. XTRA robust. XTRA brilliant. Vivid images that keep their true colors...

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Small loupe. Large field of view. VISIONX conventional loupe A sense that there are no limits. With a field of view of around 100 mm, the VISIONX shows its true qualities. Combined with a virtually rimless view, it provides a unique visual experience in comparison to conventional systems. The VISIONX is tailored to you. The working distance, interpupillary distance and eyesight are taken into account to produce a loupe that fits exactly and meets your every need. Should anything change, we make the necessary adjustments. XTRA ergonomic. In particular, each individual’s eyesight at the...

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The colour accent in grey everyday working life. Elegant and solid. A classic. It combines the advantages of both worlds. The strong curvature provides good eye protection. In combination with a modern shape and a variety of colours, it becomes an all-rounder dioptre compensation in the lens included. A timeless design made of titanium. In combination with elegant colours it is the solid classic among the frames. Dioptre compensation in the lens is also possible. Facts and Figures. General General Material Size Weight Features Dioptre compensation Magnetic adaptor Dioptre compensation...

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Model overview Practical. Comfortable. And well protected. The sporty frame for best possible protection. Individually adjustable temples and an adjustable nose pad guarantee a perfect fit during treatment. Numbers. Data. Facts. Ocular colors silver Magnification Working distance [ mm ] Facts and Figures. General Plastics Material Size Dioptre compensation standard, medium, slim dark grey Magnetic adaptor Dioptre compensation Glas lenses light blue Ocular color Frame combinations erhältliche Farben clear black clear orange clear lemon

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LIGHTING SYSTEMS Bring light into the dark.

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More light. For more details. The integrated LED technology combined with the lithium-ion battery (supplied) means it can be used without distracting waveguides.This protects your neck and helps you to work in a more ergonomic way. Compact, leightweight and ultra-bright. The LED-LIGHT CIRCLE has been specially developed for medical use. It produces an extremely bright light that provides uniform, shadow-free illumination. Thanks to its glass lens system, the LED-LIGHT CIRCLE guarantees a perfectly illuminated, sharp-edged, And at just 12 grams, the lightweight LED-LIGHT CIRCLE is ideal for...

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Designed & Manufactured in Germany

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