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QuickStart™ Pressure SensorSpecification Sheet I2C PS200F/I2C PS200M Sensitivity: 0.21 mbar (.003 psi) This is the minimal pressure change the sensor can detect Fitting Port Type: Flat bottom %-28 standard or Flat bottom M6 Mounting holes accept: 4-40 or M3x.5 screws Intended use for liquids only (see wetted materials for compatibility concerns) Internal Volume I2C PS200F (standalone option): 50 pl I2C PS200M (manifold option): 41pl Wetted Materials > PEEK Housing > Viton O-ring > 316LSS QuickStart Pressure Sensor The QuickStart pressure sensor is specifically designed for in vitro Diagnostics, Biotechnology and Point-of-Care applications, with a pressure range of 0.25-14 barabs. The flow through design reduces crossover contamination and bubble entrapment. The QuickStart pressure sensor is available as a stand-alone or manifold mount and available with accessories to validate the sensor for your application in a short amount of time. Product Specifications Output Signal: Digital Operating Voltage: 5.0V Digital Communication Bus: I2C Full Scale Pressure Range: 0.25 barabs- 14 barabs (3.6 psiabs - 200 psiabs) Inaccuracy below full scale: <137.5 mbarabs(2 psiabs)* Pressure Detection Response Time: 67ms Operating Temperature: +5°C to +50°C Ambient Storage/Shipping Temperature: -30°C to +60°C Proof Pressure: 28 barabs(400 psiabs) Body materials: PEEK Drift Spec: ±1.4 mbar (0.02 psi) per year (maximum value at ambient conditions) Power consumption: 40 mW *Pressure sensor has been calibrated and tested with N2 Gas HEALTH & SCIENCE For ordering, technical support, and contact information please visit www.idex-hs.com ©2017 IDEX Health & Science IDX2455

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