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UBC® Rapid

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For Bladder Cancer detection UBC® Rapid is a powerful diagnostic parameter in primary diagnosis and follow-up of bladder cancer, especially for papillary non-invasive high-grade tumors and carcinoma in situ (CIS). UBC® Rapid performs better than urine cytology in many patients due to improved sensitivity and the combination of UBC® Rapid and cytology enables detection of additional tumors as opposed to cytology alone. One clear advantage is that UBC® Rapid can be performed immediately and the result will be available during the patient visit. Background Bladder cancer is a common cancer in...

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“UBC® Rapid provides the physician with early signs of tumor recurrence during treatment monitoring”. Marie Torstensson Product Manager, IDL Biotech AB UBC® Rapid UBC® Rapid is a point-of-care (POC) test that specifically measures soluble fragments of cytokeratin 8 and 18 in urine samples. UBC® Rapid shall be used for quantitative determination in combination with the POC-reader concile® Q100. The outcome of bladder cancer depends on how advanced it is when it is diagnosed; aggessive non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, muscle invasive or confined to the bladder. Studies have demonstrated...

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UBC® Rapid– For Bladder Cancer detection TIME COUNTS • Easy and rapid to perform • Result within 10 minutes – during the patient visit. FAST FACTS UBC® Rapid • The only quantitative POC test platform for urine based detection of bladder cancer. • Works in haematuria • UBC® also available as ELISA/IRMA References: 1. Giannopoulus A., et al. Comparative evaluation of the diagnostic performance of the BTA Stat test,NMP22 and Urinary Bladder Cancer antigen for primary and recurrent bladder tumors. J Urol 2001; 166:470-475. 2. Lüdecke G., et al. Comparative analysis of sensitivity to blood in...

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