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GLOREHACOLLEZIONE Gloreha Collezione is the complete technological solution multiple customizable treatment therapies that allow Gloreha products have many applications for patients with hand paresis or plegia after injuries of the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, spinal cord or individuals to train through all limb rehabilitation. This modular system provides with muskoloskeletal deficits. rehabilitation process. FREE INTERACTION WITH REAL OBJECTS In the Early Stages of the recovery process, the Gloreha products can be used in the passive mode to facilitate mobilization...

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PASSIVEMOBILIZATION ROBOTIC GLOVE FOR THE “[Gloreha] induced changes in local muscle blood flow, diminished spasticity, and decreased subject-reported While the rehabilitation glove mobilizes finger joints, the patient to apply passive mobilization from the first stages of treatment. The software simultaneously observes a 3D simulation offers many possibilities for the of the hand on the screen. The glove works both in flexion and extension. FREE INTERACTION WITH REAL OBJECTS customization of the therapy. Any pinch can be programmed as well as Even on the patient who has no active residual...

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While the hemiplegic/hemiparetic patient actively moves the healthy hand, at the same time the robotic glove generates a similar movement on the other hand. Flexion and extension of the fingers are activated dynamically by the patient SENSORIZED GLOVE ON THE HEALTHY HAND to increase the level of involvement and motivation. The mirror motor mechanism, the observation of two moving 3D hands and the execution of bilateral functional tasks with real objects amplify the stimulation of the cortical areas of the brain. ROBOTIC GLOVE ON THE IMPAIRED HAND ■ Like in the traditional Mirror Therapy,...

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ACTIVEASSISTEDMOBILIZATION During these exercises, the patient is instructed to independently start the motor task (flexion and extension of the fingers) and if unable SENSORS DETECT PATIENT’S only when necessary. ACTIVE MOVEMENTS The software offers exercises that guide the patient during therapy to clear objectives using intuitive graphics robotic glove will provide tasks required. Intuitive graphs Performance measurement ARTIFICIAL TENDONS SUPPORT MOVEMENT Motivating exercises ▪ Performance indexes give immediate feedback on the degree of autonomy of the patient in flexion and extension...

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ACTION OBSERVATION THERAPY Gloreha allows the execution of exercises based on the logic of the Action Observation Therapy, that provides training characterized by two steps: OBSERVATION - first the patient observes a motor task on the screen EXECUTION - once the visual preview ends, the rehabilitation glove supports the performance of the specific motor exercise. The help provided by the device is calibrated based on the patient’s abilities. THE OBSERVATION OF A MOTOR TASK ACTIVATES MIRROR NEURONS Action Observation Therapy (AOT) and Motor Imagery applied novel patients hemiparesis,...

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Current neurorehabilitation approaches support the application of functional tasks compared to performing systematic training based on isolated movements. “[Gloreha] may improve not only visuospatial exploration and attention but also speed to execute gross movement of the arm, hand and fingers, as well as fingertip dexterity in stroke patients". V Varalta - J Neuroeng Rehabil. 2014 Dec 5 “A program of robot assisted movements had the advantage of decreasing oedema after just one week of treatment (...). This result could have important consequences on the clinical approaches because a...

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RADIAL/ULNAR DEVIATION the patient and enhances the playful In a comprehensive rehabilitative path, problem-solving, memory, shifting skills, the software offers several challenging aspect of the treatment. In the motor neuro-cognitive recovery must support selective attention, visuo-spatial and recreational exercises, based on active movements of the upper limb exercise, the patient guides a game character in the execution of tasks of detected by dedicated sensors. records the levels of performance. Specific exercises, developed by the different complexity. The software The graphics...

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WEIGHT COMPENSATION OF THEUPPERLIMB Gloreha devices are equipped with two dynamic supports that allow the patient to move the upper MORE THAN 10,000 PATIENTS TREATED EVERY YEAR INTERNATIONAL PATENT and movement abilities of the patient. These supports are particularly useful during functional training limb with no gravity. The compensation (CONTACT US FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE DISTRIBUTOR IN YOUR COUNTRY) because otherwise it often would not level is calibrated according to the INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS be possible without adequate weight weight of the arm and the residual control relief for...

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GLOREHA WORKSTATION The basic solution, suitable from the early stage of treatment. The core of the system is a comfortable and lightweight glove that mobilizes finger joints even on patients without any motor skill. Video previews, audio effects, simultaneous 3D animations, and functional tasks help stimulate neural plasticity. GLOREHASINFONIA MODULARITYOFGLOREHA GLOREHACOLLEZIONE GLOREHAWORKSTATIONPLUS The integrated solution that combines the advantages of Gloreha Workstation and Gloreha Aria. Passive mobilization, enriched by audio and visual effects with the possibility of performing...

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