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Cadent 3 Syringe Pump

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Programmable, maintenance free, precision liquid metering device 30mm stroke driven via stepper motor and precision ball or lead screw > Available in three mechanical resolutions: 6K, 12K, 24K > Highly flexible and versatile to meet a variety of system configurations > Exceptional precision, accuracy and lifetime performance > Available with or without an advanced controller > Can be used a stand alone controller or integrated into more complex systems Level 1 Robust Syringe Drive Level 2* Including Valve *Syringes sold separately Level 3* Including Advanced Controller *Syringes sold separately Rotary and Solenoid Valve Options Shown Environmental Operating Temperature 36°F to 122°F (2°C to 50°C) Storage Temperature -27°F to 160°F (-33°C to 71°C) Operating Humidity < 80% RH at 5°C - 30°C and < 50% at 31°C - 50°C Noise (1) < 55 dBA Lifetime (a > 5 Million cycles (Cadent™ 3) > 6 Million cycles (Cadent™ 3E) [1 cycle = 1 full dispense and aspirate moves] Mechanical Operation Any orientation Mounting Holes Top and bottom Front face Resolutions (“) 6K, 12K and 24K increments Performance Speed (d 0.0625 - 10,000 half-steps/sec Precision 0.5% CV at 1/10th dispense 0.05% CV at full stroke dispense Accuracy ± 0.3% at 1/10th dispense ± 0.2% at full stroke dispense Flow Rate (d Min: 0.008 pL/min (with 50pL syringe) Max: 500 mL/min (with 5mL syringe) Full Dispense Time (d Min: 0.6 secs (with 6K resolution) Max: 6400 mins (with 24K resolution) Flow Accuracy (a ± 1% Linearity R > 0.9999 Electrical Connection m 6 inputs - 2 Analog/Digital, 4 Digital 4 digital outputs Tamper pin Communication Options m RS-232, RS485, CANbus Power Operation 24VDC (± 5% allowance) (with a maximum power ripple of 720mv peak to peak). Power Consumption (d 32 watts max; 3 watts idle. Accessory Options Solenoid Valve Options FAS 3/2 Microsol MS (Media Separated) Isolation Valve Rotary Valve Options up to 12 way Syringe Options 50ul to 5ml Compliance REACH & RoHS Compliant CSA and UL Certified CE Compliant (i) Rated with IMI advanced controller (Level 3) (2) Tested using DI water and a 1mL syringe at 30 psi (3) Based on a 650Hz sample rate using a 1mL syringe at 1mL/min w 96K, 192K and 384K increments possible in microstep mode Our policy is one of continued research and development. We therefore reserve the right to amend, without notice, the specifications given in this document. © 2017 Norgren Kloehn, Inc.

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Cadent 3 Syringe Pump © IMI NORGREN 'WHr®    < Cadent 3 Pump: All pumps are offered with a pre-assembled valve. Replacement valves and syringes (not included) may be purchased separately. Notes: Cadent 3E option offers extended performance on lifetime upto 5 million cycles (1 cycle = 1 full dispense and aspirate moves) Solenoid and Through-Block options are not available without a valve. See Page 3 for additional valve options. Other combinations not shown in the table above are available upon request. Starter Kit: RS-232    RS-485    CANbus Starter Kit (includes all items listed below)...

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Cadent 3 Syringe PumpRotary Face Valves: P/N    Orifice Diameter    Valve Type    P/N Wetted Materials: PEEK, Alumina Ceramic, FFKM PTFE. These valves are also lubricated with Krytox oil. Rotary Plug Valves: Wetted Materials: PCTFE, PTFE. These valves are also lubricated with Silicone oil. Solenoid Valves: Configuration    P/N    Orifice Size FAS 3/2 Microsol Media Separated valve    20413    0.062" Wetted Materials: PEEK, EPDM Valve Notes: Port connection is 1/4-28 UNF. For more information on valves, consult PSD-0031 or visit our website. All valve ports are accessible when using syringes...

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Cadent 3 Syringe Pump Third Angle Projection DIGITAL DIGITAL I/O I/O CONNECTOR CONNECTOR FEMALE DB15 FEMALE DB15 HD HD SIDE VIEW COMMUNICATION AND COMMUNICATION AND POWER CONNECTOR POWER CONNECTOR MALE DB15 MALE DB15 BOTTOM VIEW Dimensions in Inches [mm] Rotary option only shown 1.10 27.94 Warning .24 5.99 4X M3X0.5 - 6H Improper selection, misuse, age or malfunction of components used in BOTTOM MOUNT HOLES systems can cause failure in various modes. The system designer is warned ID SELECTOR .28 7.01 to consider the failure modes of all component parts and to provide adequate OLES 1.38 1.79...

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