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Gas Tight Manual Syringe 3000 Series - 2 Pages

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Gas Tight Manual Syringe 3000 Series

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Gas Tight Manual Syringe 3000 Series The IMI Norgren 3000 Series manual syringes are both gas and liquid tight using a precision machined PTFE plunger tip to provide a tight seal. They are designed specifically for GC, LC and HPLC applications and are capable of handling corrosive fluids. Available in volumes from 10^L to 500^L and in various syringe terminations, these syringes have color-coded flange caps for easy identification. Five needle point styles are available with each syringe to suit a variety of septum piercing or fluid suction needs. Download our brochure to learn more. Specifications Physical Length (Dispensed) FN/RN - 6.0" TLL/TLT - 4.5" Pressure 80 psi Needle Length 2 inches Chemical Wetted Materials Borosilicate Glass, 304 SS (Needle), PTFE Syringe tips Lubricated with laboratory grade Silicone *Add 1 pound drag force to non-lubricated plunger tip requests. Removable Needle (RN) Tapered Luer Lock (TLL) Tapered Luer Tip (TLT) Syringe Termination Needle Point Style A (22° bevel curve) B (90° bevel) C (22° bevel) D (Side hole) E (Round Taper) A (22° bevel curve) B (90° bevel) C (22° bevel) D (Side hole) E (Round Taper) TLL TLT Needle Point Style Needle Gauge Needle OD (in) Needle ID (in) Replacement Needle Part Number A (22° bevel curve) B (90° bevel) C (22° bevel) D (Side hole) E (Round Taper) Luer Orifice Diameter (in) 10gL (Blue) 26s 0.019 0.005 100749 100750 100751 100752 100753 0.016 For dimensional drawings of any syringe configuration, please contact us at Precision Engineering Our policy is one of continued research and development. We therefore reserve the right to amend, without notice, the specifications given in this document. © Norgren Kloehn, Inc. 2017

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Gas Tight Manual Syringe 4000 Series The IMI Norgren 4000 Series manual syringes are designed for the transfer of larger gas or liquid volumes with availability from 1mL to 50mL and in various syringe terminations. They also offer the possibility for instrumentation mounting with flanged plunger button designs and 6-32 thread connections, making them suitable for use on autosamplers. For syringes 2.5mL and larger, the plunger rods are PTFE coated to prevent damage to the glass barrel during actuation. Five needle point styles are available with each syringe to suit a variety of septum...

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