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Instructor mode_Tablet CPR add-on kit Class New solution for mass CPR training! Main features Up to 45 manikins can be connected for mass CPR training Multiple instructor devices can be synchronized with the ongoing session Main screens USB/HDMI/Mobile app can be used to show the screen All training results are stored and can be printed and shared Debriefing view Results (save / export)

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Oxygen Survival Blood flow saturation rate rate Mission mode ‘gamifies’ CPR training and users can select compression or breath detection and set the time, for CPR competition. With the intuitive gaming interface, user can have fun learning oxygen saturation and blood flow rate affected by CPR performance. Both compression and breath delivery should be performed properly to increase the survival rate. Set-up CPR class as you would like! If you already have manikins with CPR Add-on Kits installed, you can make your own CPR class setting (one instructor or multiple instructors involved) to...

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