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Basic Service CPR aok student is an app for individual training helping the students to learn CPR and monitor Real-time Feedback The add-on kit, with HeartiSense technology, accurately measures the user's CPR performance in real-time. their performance. ・Connection with one manikin and real-time feedback Add limitless possibilities on your CPR training ・Support remote training (with CPR remote) Data Management CPR add-on kit is a sensor kit that upgrades dummy manikin into smart All training data is stored and can be used for performance assessment and evaluation for review. The data can be exported as PDF or stored within cloud server. ・Scoring the performance and data storage apps suitable for different training needs. feedback manikin. Run high-quality CPR training sessions with various CPR www.cpraddonkit.com Software Expansion Basic Service AoK system provides general feedback apps and various extended services such as remote training and large-scale group training. CPR aok instructor app allows group training Dummy manikin to monitor the students' performance and manage training data. ・Connection with up to six manikins and real-time feedback ・Can link up with different manikin types (limited to Add-on Kit supported manikins) ・Scoring the performance and data storage ・Total data management with cloud service integrated (to be added) Recommended mobile device specification Models released after 2019 with OS version equal to or above 9.0 (Pie) and with BLE version equal to or above 4.2 *Low-cost devices with BLE 4.2 or above might still have connection issues OS version equal to or above 12, models after iPhone 8, iPad 6th generation, iPad mini 5 and iPad Air 3nd generation COMPATABLE MANIKINS Haesung Bldg. 7F, 165, Yeoksam-ro Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea (06247) www.imlabworld.com contact@imlabworld.com How to download apps Search 'CPR Add-on Kit' from either Google Play store or Apple Store, then download the app you wish to use. ⓒ 2021 I.M.LAB Inc. All rights reserved

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Extended Service CPR class is mass CPR training system for large groups. Remote video call and CPR performance feedback Feedback display for instructors can be linked up with CPR class Wi-Fi router to run synchronized training sessions. CPR remote enables quality distance CPR training without the instructors and the students having to meet. Equipped with video call and real-time CPR performance feedback, CPR remote makes accurate and detailed CPR training possible. ・Mission mode (CPR racing) for immersive experience ・Individual training result debrief and data storage ・Automatic resolution...

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