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Pneumatic Lithotripter Where technology and efficiency is delivered with style! Your Solution Partner in Pneumatic Lithotrpsy Devices & Spare Parts.

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Liquid proof handpiece designed as a 100% closed system. [Stock Code: IMPL701 Handpiece] Handpiece does not need any preparation for sterilization. It’s a closed system handle, it can directly submerged inside the sterilization liquid or gas. Since the interior mechanism does not contact with water or any other substance, no stoppage will occur due to residue accumulation. Handpiece can be connected to all pneumatic lithotripters With its’ state of the art mechanism, operators can single handedly place the probs into handpiece,

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The probs are manufactured in six different sizes, in the folowing dimensions: 0.80 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.20 mm, 1.50 mm, 2.00 mm, 3.00 mm. 0.80 mm and 1.00 mm probs are fully flexible, 1.20 mm prob is semi-flexible. The probs produced in 1.50 mm. 2.00 and 3.00 mm thicknesses are rigid probs. All our probs can be used with Pneumatic Handle IMPL701 Classic&Pneumatic Handle IMPL701 Type2. They are also covenient for most of the handles produced by other manufacturers.

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We Are Modernizing Your Pneumatic Lithotripsy Devices! Lithobox® Pneumatic Lithotriptor is an Intracorporeal Kidney Stone crushing equipment, it is working with electro-pneumatic principle which is based on Ishaac Newton's Laws of Motion, Action-Reaction Electro-pneumatic ballistic movement and energy of compressed air, creates a force on the kidney stone. This force is transferred to the Stone and kidney stone broken down. Pneumatic Lithotriptor Lithobox ® System is a device that works with this principle. Lithobox ® Pneumatic Lithotriptor has got high and rapid success of the treatment in...

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Easy ancf Convenient Use! Ergonomic Lihtobox ® Pneumatic Lithotriptor easy to use and follow-up with the help of a digital control system with three different memory channels. Single and Multiple buttons shot mode selectable as a digital. The digital counter panel monitored the total number of strokes. Operation pressure can be adjusted by touch buttons independently from air source. There is a handle on the device which is suitable for use in medical, only air pressure employee, made of corrosion-resistant aluminium,lightweight and orthopedic. This handle is extremely comfortable to use...

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Technical Specifications Manufacturer Model User Mode Output Energy Frequency of use Memory Usage Power Dimensions Standard Probe Sizes Sterilization Methods Operating environment Relative Humidity Atmospheric Pressure Quality and Classification inceler Medikal Saglik Hizmetleri San. Tic. Ltd. §ti. Lithobox' Lithobox® Single, Continuous, Auto 0-10 bar adjustable continuous 0-15 Hz 3 programmable frequency memories 110-240 V, 10% the AC, 50-60 Hz Control Unit: 320 mm x 390 mm x 120 mm Weight: 5 kg 0.8 mm (2.4Fr), 1.0 mm (3.0Fr), 1.2 mm (3.6Fr), 1.5 mm (4.5 Fr), 2.0 mm (6.0 Fr) Probe:...

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