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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 1

Spark (Elektrohydraulic) ESWL -LITHOTRIP SYSTEM

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 2

İnceler Medikal SPARK ESWL

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 3

The address where technology meetS the medical secto needs1.

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 4

The most important factor in the success of ESWL Treatment is the focusing process. The fact that the system is compact and easily controllable is important for the focusing process. 2 inceler Medikal SPARK ESWL

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 5

Database System Applications inceler Medikal SPARK ESWL •*/ Patient information v/ Medical history n/ Stone details >S Stone fragmentation parameters Laboratory information n/ X-ray dosage information v/ Statistical information can be transferred to software programs. v/ The software not only archives patient and therapy data, but also stores patient images in DICOM format. v'' Recorded patient images and treatment can also be written on CD / DVD. Also, the recorded information can be formatted so that the images can be viewed on a regular PC.

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 6

WITHOUT SCOPY İnceler Medikal ESWL Kidney Stone Crushing Systems Unit is compact and detachable on demand with its patient treatment table and C-arm scopy system. An Armless (Without C Arm) model is also produced for those who want to use with an independent C-arm Scope. Systems produced by İnceler Medikal make a difference with its ergonomic and aesthetic structure. İnceler Medikal SPARK ESWL

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 7

MOVEMENT FEATURE Right, left and 90 degree oblique movements provide great convenience in focusing. In order to perform stone crushing successfully in ESWL systems, it is necessary to display the stone completely. In one-direction movement Arms , Unseen stones due to Gas in the patient Abdomen , can be solved with Two-direction oblique movements C Arms which provides a great advantage in locating the stone. C ARM: Ability to move 30 degrees right - 30 degrees left directions.

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 8

ULTRASON FOCUSING AND IMAGING SYSTEM The new generation localization system is versatile and is perfect for localizing stone and monitoring it in real time. The ultrasound localization system is also compatible with X-Ray imaging systems. Ultrasound Attachment: It is isocentric. It is compatible with different ultrasound devices. The ultrasound localization system is also compatible with the X-Ray imaging systems. They can be used individually or together. İnceler Medikal The ultrasound localization system ensures that the ultrasound probe has a longer life than linear localization systems....

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 9

In the Spark ESWL System, the patient table can be moved in all directions. It is designed to facilitate the patient’s allignement to the ellipsoid bowl. All urinary tract stones entering the ESWL scope can be easily broken. The Spark ESWL system allows the user to choose the ideal angle for treatment and to make the treatment most effective. Anesthesia is not required for the patient during the stone crushing treatment with Spark. It has an extremely easy installation with its compact structure. The lower ureter stones can be easily broken with the fact that the desired position can be...

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 10

BEST RESULT The ESWL System fragment the large kidney stones into small pieces of stone in order to carry out stone crushing procedure in the easiest way, and then the patient should got alot of fluids to remove small pieces through urinary tract. Spark ESWL is the result of long years of experience and expertise in shock wave technology. Minimizing the side effects in Device Design is one of the main goals of the design. High Quality products previously made by İnceler Medikal are used worldwide and gained the trust of customers. One of the extra features of the Spark ESWL System; It is a...

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 11

EASE OF USAGE AND TECHNICAL FACILITIES While the system is being produced, the user can easily use the device and perform technical intervention has been taken into consideration. With great emphasis on after-sales, system costs have been reduced and produced in the simplest way for technical services. Patient Table: Multifunctional patient table can be used as an operating table. It has a low height feature that the patient can get out easily.

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 12

Technical Features Brand Inceler Medikal Model Spark Origin Turkey Manufacturer inceler Medikal Sag.Hiz.San.Tic.Ltd.§ti. Electromagnetic Compatibility The system has been tested and certified according to these standards: EN 60601-1-2 / IEC 601-1-2 Medical Device Directive Category II b (rule 9) Protection Against Electric Shock Type B Safety Limit (EN 60601-1) I Protection Rate In line with the IP20 IEC 529 standard Power Supply Electrohydraulics WEIGHT Main Body 285 kg Monitor Trolley (Including Monitors) 34 kg Hand Operated Panel 0.5 kg DIMENSIONS Empty Surface Required 90 cm x 190 cm...

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 13

Number of Shocks (generator / for a couple of electrodes) 5.000.000 / 80.000 Electrode Type Long Life ( a couple 40 sessions = 80.000 shocks) Single Life ( 1 unit 3 sessions = 6.000 shocks) 1 Generator = 5 million shots = 500 patients = 1500 sessions *We calculate 1 sessions aproximately 2000 shots. Contact Method With The Patient Water cushion Focusing Distance 130 mm Surface Angle 40° Surface Diameter 219.5 mm IMAGING SYSTEM X-Ray Fluoroscopy YES Tube Power 5kW @ 110 kVp DC Anode Fixed (or Rotating) Focus Size 0.6 mm X-Ray Generator Type Semi-wave Power Values 5kW @ 110 kVp-100 mA kV...

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 14

HAND REMOTE CONTROL All operations can be performed with the remote hand control in the Spark ESWL System. The focus point can be checked from the desired point while the stone is breaking. Spark is designed to reduce the deflection rate to zero at the focal point. Fluoroscopy system can be used in combination with ESWL unit and produced in high resolution imaging standards. Portable - lightweight control unit: 0.4 KG Ergonomic and Original Design Color TFT Screen Control from remote points. 12 inceler Medikal SPARK ESWL

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Spark® ESWL Lithotripsy System - 15

Spark ESWL System consists of patient table, ESWL / Fluoroscopy and Monitor trolley parts. All three parts are powered by a very solid wheel. It provides the usability of the device in the desired location within the Hospital, and can be moved from room to room without the need for lift or similar carrier vehicles. Easy to move from room to room.

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