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Straumann® Bone Level Prosthetic Procedures - 154 Pages

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Straumann® Bone Level Prosthetic Procedures

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Technical Information Straumann® Bone Level Prosthetic Procedures Basic Information

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1. Straumann® Bone Level Implant - Straumann expertise applied at bone level    3 3.2 X-ray template with reference spheres    12 4.1 Soft tissue management solutions    14 4.3 Overview consistent emergence profiles™    18 4.5 Temporary Abutment regular CrossFit® (RC) - Polymer with titanium-alloy inlay    23 4.6 Temporary abutment - Titanium alloy (TAN)    30 6.1 CrossFit® Plan SET/Plan abutment    44 7.3 Ratchet and Torque Control Device    143 7.4 Assembling the Ratchet and the Torque Control Device    145

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Purpose of this guide This guide describes the essential steps required for the fabrication and insertion of prosthetic restorations for Straumann® Bone Level Implants. For detailed information regarding implantation and soft tissue management, please refer to the Basic information on the surgical procedures – Straumann® Dental Implant System, 152.754, or the DVD Surgical and prosthetic procedures with the Straumann® Bone Level Implant, 150.760. Note: Procedures that apply for technicians in the dental lab are marked green. Procedures that apply for prosthodontists are marked grey: Lab...

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1. traumann® Bone Level Implant – Straumann S expertise applied at bone level The Straumann® Bone Level Implant provides you with a solution for all bone level treatments – Straumann expertise and quality built in. Its design is based on the latest technology and scientific know-how in implant dentistry. Moreover, it  respects key biological principles, brings predictable esthetic results and offers simple handling in all indications. Consistent Emergence Profiles™ Experience simplified soft tissue management from start to finish CrossFit® connection Feel the fit of the self-guiding...

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2. General information 2.1 CrossFit® Connection The Straumann® Bone Level Implant features an intuitive implantabutment connection that is self-guiding and enables simple positioning. It allows clear-cut insertion with all components and provides outstanding protection against rotation as well as longterm stability. Precision and simplicity: 4 grooves The CrossFit® connection features 4 grooves for the repositioning of prosthetic components. This configuration is characterized by: • simple implant alignment • clear-cut and guided component insertion • flexibility in the placement of angled...

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Abutment insertion, step 2. The abutment is turned in until it is aligned with the ­  implant grooves. 4 Abutment insertion, step 3. The abutment then falls into the final position. Abutment in place, showing the precise orthogonal fit between implant and abutment. Reliability and flexibility: Conical connection The CrossFit® connection features a cone with improved mechanical properties, providing more flexibility for prosthetic treatments. The conical prosthetic connection provides: • reduced micro movements and minimized microgap • outstanding mechanical long-term stability and optimized...

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2.2 Prosthetic options Gold Abutment, for crown Straumann® CARES® Ceramic Abutment Straumann® Variobase® Abutment Straumann® Screw-retained Abutment Single crown Anatomic Abutment Meso Abutment Gold Abutment, for crown Straumann® CARES® Ceramic Abutment Straumann® Variobase® Abutment Straumann® CARES® Titanium Abutment Cementable Abutment Gold Abutment, for bridge Screw-retained Straumann® Screw-retained Abutment Anatomic Abutment Meso Abutment Gold Abutment, for crown Cement-retained Straumann® CARES® Ceramic Abutment Straumann® CARES® Titanium Abutment Straumann® Variobase® Abutment...

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Retentive Anchor LOCATOR® Abutment Abutment for Bars, Gold Removable over-dentures Abutment for Bars, Titanium Straumann® Screw-retained Abutment Gold Abutment, for bridge Anatomic Abutment Meso Abutment Gold Abutment, for crown

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1) For further information regarding CARES® implant-borne prosthetics, please see the Basic information on the Straumann® CARES® implant-borne prosthetic procedures, 152.822/en. 2) For further information regarding Variobase®, please refer to the brochure Basic information on Straumann® Variobase®, 490.062/en.

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The Straumann® Bone Level Implant line has a simple and consistent color coding and laser markings for quick and precise identification of secondary parts, surgical instruments and auxiliaries. This concept simplifies the communication substantially between the individuals involved in the treatment process. The following scheme illustrates the above mentioned color codings and laser markings:

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Healing abutment Impression post Implant analog Temporary abutment, VITA CAD-Temp® Screw head Screw head

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3. Preoperative planning Careful treatment planning is of utmost importance. Comprehensive pre-implantation diagnosis, evaluation and planning are prerequisites to ensure treatment success. The implant forms the apical extension of the restoration and is thus the planning basis for the surgical procedure aiming at a specific prosthetic result. Clear communication between the patient, dentist and dental technician is imperative to achieve excellent implant-borne restorations. 3.1 Wax-up/Set-up To determine the topographical situation, axial orientation and the appropriate implants, making a...

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3.3 Custom-made drill template A custom-made drill template can facilitate planning and the preparation of the implant bed and enables precise use of the cutting instruments. The basis of planning when making this surgical template should be the desired prosthetic result. With these components, a surgical drill template can be produced in the usual manner: Art. No. Drill sleeve with collar height 10 mm outside ∅  3.5 mm inside ∅  2.3 mm For step-by-step instructions, please refer to the brochure Fabrication and Use of an Individual Drill Template – Straumann® Drill Template,152.290....

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